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Learning about psychics and the paranormal

Below are articles on subjects like spirit guides, auras, and meditation which are derived from several sources along with my own interpretation. If you are curious about the topic or are interested in developing your own psychic abilities these articles are a good start, but I recommend finding a center near you that offers classes and workshops that provide more indepth lessons and exercises. The best way for someone to begin their psychic development is for them to find resources and groups to help them along in their spiritual journey – it has definitely helped me.

Here are a few books which you may find helpful as well as interesting:
So You Want to be a Medium by Rose Vanden Eynden
Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners by Mary Lee LaBay
Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers
by Richard Webster
How to Read Akashic Records by Linda Howe


Psychic Symbols

psychic symbols

Readers who receive information through visions see many things including symbols which can represent something about clients or the people and spirits associated with them. These symbols can range from animals to foods to insects to flowers, and more. Symbols are just another way for spirits and guides to pass on information, when words might not say enough. Or when … Read more…

Paranormal Terms


Listed below are definitions for those who are unfamiliar or unsure what a particular term means. These definitions are derived from several sources along with my own interpretation. Akashic Records – Also known as the Book of Life, these records hold information which tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on … Read more…

Psychic vs. Tarot Reading

tarot card reading

People searching for guidance or to connect with spirits usually have 2 choices: a tarot card or a psychic reading. But what’s the difference? Which one is better? A tarot reading can provide people with some answers and insights based off the cards drawn during a 10-card split, a popular formation. Each card is placed in a position that represents … Read more…

Yoga and Psychic Development

yoga scranton pa

Physical health and psychic health go hand-in-hand. Yoga is one of the few ways you can accomplish both. Most forms of exercise are geared towards developing speed and strength through numbered movements and gym equipment. Yoga slows down the pace for people to focus on their body as well as their mind. Energy is controlled so it stretches over a … Read more…

Drawing Spirit Art

psychic art

Sometimes it’s difficult for psychics and mediums to describe the spirits they encounter. We can’t always find the right words to explain the shape of a nose or the hairstyle of a spirit that we see. When words aren’t enough, drawing can be another way for us to communicate. Psychics and mediums exercise their abilities regularly so if they want … Read more…

Accessing Akashic Records

akashic reading dallas pa

There are your medical records, school transcripts, and Facebook page but nothing tells more about us than our akashic records. The information stored in these records tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on Earth. Also known as the Book of Life, akashic records are kept in a library which we … Read more…

Bewildered Spirits

medium reading in allentown

There are tales of lost souls who roam the Earth, listless and unable to continue on their journey into the spirit world. Those spirits linger here because they either can’t or don’t want to leave. The manner in which someone passes is the main reason most spirits wander the Earth. Suicides, homicides, and accidents can be so violent, sudden, or … Read more…

Understanding Chakras

reiki bloomsburg

Chakras are a collection of energy which some describe as spheres while others liken them to discs. Each chakra is linked to an aspect of our lives: family and home life, physical and emotional health, courage, love, communication, and spirituality. When balanced, all of these 7 spheres are the same size and their colors are vivid. They vary in color, … Read more…

Meditation and Music

meditation class scranton

Achieving a calm, relaxing meditation can be difficult for beginners, and sometimes even for the experienced. Distractions can prevent us from clearing the mind so that we can reach a peaceful state. We can create a tranquil environment with burning sage and candles, but a barking dog can easily disturb a meditative session. Music can help us silence the noisy … Read more…

Talking to Animals

pet psychic telepathy

The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits. But Jason Wickens uses his ability of telepathy to communicate with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, even a pet rat. The common term is pet psychic, but Jason prefers animal communicator. Wickens, … Read more…

Understanding Auras

psychic development

The common phrase is “I see your true colors,” which is a reference to someone’s true intentions…their true self. Auras are someone’s true colors, these shades of energy that surround us tell our story to readers who are able to see them. The hues that hover or float around us reveal our personalities, emotional state, physical health, and much more. … Read more…

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Some people call them guardian angels, spirit guides, or light-heartedly say that “somebody’s looking out for me.” Each of those terms is true and they are all one in the same. I personally prefer the term spirit guides or simply guides. Spirit guides do look out for us: our happiness, our safety, our success, and our health. Guides are different … Read more…

Meditation for Beginners


Although meditation and relaxation techniques have been practiced for millenniums, it can seem daunting to someone who has never tried it. Meditation can be a very helpful and easy way to relieve stress or anxiety, strengthen concentration, improve health, and for psychic development. So if you’d like use meditation to enhance any of those aspect in life, here are a … Read more…