Akashic Readings

akashic recordsMost people go to a fortune teller to learn about themselves and their future, but looking into your akashic records is much more authentic than staring at a crystal ball or lines of a hand.

Also known as the Book of Life, akashic records tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on Earth.

But searching for answers about relationships and money is not why these books exist. Finding out whether we will find true love or win the lottery is nowhere near as important as learning why we chose this life and how to achieve personal and emotional fulfillment.

Our future is outlined in akashic records, but it is only divulged in the form of clues and hints. We will not be able to learn everything all at once, but rather on a need to know basis. There would be no desire to study or work towards a goal if we have all the answers, so we are motivated to continue the journey by receiving pieces to the puzzle as we continue forth.

The Book of Life chronicles our past lives providing details of the achievements and failures experienced in those times. If we have not overcome a personal obstacle in the past, we will surely encounter it again – but by referring to the records we can gain the wisdom necessary to succeed this time since we are aware of what methods previously failed. We can be given the knowledge but it is up to us to apply it: our free will decides whether accomplishment occurs.

book of lifeBefore an akashic records reading begins, clients must grant the reader permission to access their records with a simple “Yes”. Then the reader recites an opening prayer to prepare for the reading. During the session, clients are welcome to ask questions, but they must be profound. An Akashic Records Reading lasts about an hour and costs $60.

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