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psychic-reading-kingston-paBelow is a listing of the energy stones and crystals that I currently use to help connect with spirits, my guides, and arch angels. Stones and crystals can also be used to elevate energy and cleanse chakras.

Stones and crystals can be carried in a purse, worn as jewelry, used during meditation, and kept on an office desk or a night stand beside your bed. It is a good practice to cleanse stones from time to time by washing them under cold water or placing them outside under the light of a full moon. Read my blog about my experiences with Energy Stone and Crystals. jade obsidian stones

Start your own stone collection when you Buy an Energy Stone Bag. These energy stones are a special collection for your life & spiritual journey. Each stone is cleansed and charged with positive energy by Jim Byers, a Certified Reiki Practitioner.


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Amethyst This purple tinted crystal aids in achieving deep, relaxing meditation and stimulates psychic development specifically with opening the third eye for clearer, meaningful psychic visual messages. It is can also be used to cleanse the crown chakra. Amethyst is associated with the Arch Angel Jeremiel who assists with strengthening clairvoyance and prophetic visions.amythest psychic crystal
Angelite This sky blue stone helps with opening the third eye as well as bolstering telepathy. It also provides protection from negative energy along with making it easier to connect with spirits.psychic stone
Apatite This aqua colored blue stone can also be found is a light melon green shade and a golden yellow color. Apatite Blue may help with strengthening psychic abilities by stimulating the Third Eye Chakra so visions and images come easier and more vivid. It can also be used during past life regressions as well as Akashic Records Readings as it helps one access information related to life paths.
Black KyaniteThis crystal is part of the Kyanite group, a bit more rigid - in a way like to black tourmaline. Similar to Blue Kynanite, it is a healing stone that can be used for cleansing, speificaly the root chakra. It is also an excellent meditation aid. Black Kyanite transmits and amplifies high frequency energies bringing calm and kynanite
Black TourmalineThis black stone looks like many others (Jet, Onyx, Obsidian, even a lump of coal). Black Tourmaline does have a few things in common with them which is purification. Where it differs is it's protection qualities. It is a very good stone to use for protection against negative energy which is important for those who are psychic and/or empathic. Absorbing other's negative energy can cause physical and emotional stress so having Black Tourmaline helps clear, cleanse, and protect.
Blue Aventurine A stone that assists with self-discipline and inner strength. It promotes taking responsibility and initiative in one’s life concerning relationships, career, and other life issues. Blue aventurine also helps achieving attunement with intuitive and emphatic abilities.aventurine
Blue CalciteThis blue shaded crystal helps remove blockages of the 3rd Eye so it may open wider to allow clearer visions. Blue calcite stimulates intuitiveness and psychic abilities. It can also strengthen one's telepathic abilities and communication overall, especially making connections over a long distance; whether physically or spiritually. Blue calcite also brings forth epiphanies to provide guidance since it can remove blockages. It can also provide physical benefits since it is said to help with respiratory issues.
blue calcite energy stone
Blue KyaniteThis medium blue stone has a high vibration and can be used in different ways: healing, psychic development, and chakra alignment. Kyanite can provide rejuvenating energy and raise telepathic abilities so that information and energy can be telepathically transferred between people in order to guide the healer. In regards to psychic development, it can be used to help one strengthen their abilities as well as their spiritual communication. As for the chakras, the healing power of Kyanite can be used to help balance the color, size, and energy level of our chakras.kyanite-energy-stone-chakra-alignment
Blue Lace Agate This type of Agate focuses on self-expression through communication. Blue Lace Agate helps us speaking boldly and clearly so that words, tone, and intent are not misinterpreted. It can be used to clear the throat chakra as well, both stone and chakra being a light shade of blue.psychic energy stone
Blue Obsidian This blue crystal comes in a few shades of blue and in some cases it may be man-made, But natural elements are used in the process of creating this beautiful energy stone. Blue Obsidian helps with astral travel, divination, and enhances telepathy. It supports communication skills and can be used to heal the throat chakra.astral projection OBE
Blue Tiger's Eye This blue sparkled, striped crystal maintains balance and stimulates energy. It can also be used to cleanse the root chakra. Tiger Eye can help one achieve harmony in relationships, find common ground during opposition, and equilibrium for those who tend to go to tigers eye stone
Bronzite This brown marble stone is a healing stone that brings forth serenity. It is also a very good grounding stones and provides protection as well. Bronzite is known to help one restore, regain their composure following highly stressful times.bronzinite
Carnelian This orange colored stone is associated with courage and confidence related to personal and professional growth. It can help with improving our health and physical strength as well. Carnelian can also help us increase our romantic and sexuality tendencies since it is related to the Solar Chakra, also of orange color, which is linked to physical and emotional needs, wants, and desires.carnelian energy stone
ChiastoliteThis brown and black stone is recognizable by the cross it bares at its center. Chiastolite is a protective stone that dispels negativity and attracts harmony especially in group settings or crowds.
ChrysocollaThis aqua colored stone may help strengthen the throat chakra - like another aqua colored stone: turquoise. Chrysocolla helps with communication knowing - when to speak and when to remain silent. It also helps in learning how the depth and affects words can have on others.psychic energy stones
Citrine This yellow tinted crystal encourages the manifestation of thoughts, beliefs, and desires. It is can also be used to cleanse the solar chakra. Citrine is associated with the Arch Angel Gabriel who assists with achieving peace and offering mercy. Gabriel also protects children as well as helping parents conceive or crystal citrine
Clear quartz This transparent crystal improves intuitive and psychic abilities especially opening the third eye. It is can also be used to cleanse the third eye chakra. Clear quartz is associated with the Arch Angel Raziel who assists with strengthening all forms of psychic abilities and learning the secrets of the crystal clear quartz
Dalmatian JasperThis black and white polka dotted rock is part of the Jasper stone family. Dalmatian helps us figure out the meaning of dreams as well as retaining them. It can also be used to banish negative energy, negative emotions, and negative thoughts.dalmation-jasper-energy-stones
Dragon Blood JasperThis stone is from the Jasper family and its name is simply derived from it appearance: the serpent-like pattern mixed with crimson. It is a mystical stone that can be used for healing and vitality. Dragon Jasper is also known to assist with goal achievement and financial gain.blood energy stone
EmeraldThis green stone is associated with love and luck. It's energy promotes love, happiness, and hope, It can be used to cleanse the heart chakra. Emerald also helps us learn compassion, acceptance, and understanding. It can attract abundance and wealth when one clears their mind of fear, failure, and other negative emotions that block progress and prospertity.emerald-energy-stone
EpidoteA green stone that bares a resemblance to pyrite. Epodite can be used for physical healing, said to dissolve blockages, tumors, cysts. It can also remove negative emotions and thoughts by raising one's vibration.
FluoriteThis is an organizing stone that helps us achieve order and structure so we can bring our thoughts and ideas to fruition. Fluorite creates positive energy to help our theories become a reality; joining scattered thoughts into one harmonious concept. It clears confusion and conflicting ideas to "balance the brain" so the logical right side and abstract left side come together to enhance our mental and psychic abilities.fluorite energy crystal
GarnetThis dark maroon stone brings forth positive energy and revitalization; making it a good stone to use when one is bogged down by negative energy or simply tired. Garnet is a healing stone that has been used for centuries by many civilizations throughout mankind.garnet healing stone
Golden Quartz This stone is of the quartz family and is helpful with healing. It can also bring forth positive energy and re-energize.golden-quartz-energy-crystal
Green AventurineThis stone promotes prosperity in life, love, and careers. The energy from this stone helps one realize solutions to overcoming obstacles in order to achieve which brings about harmony and emotional recovery.aventurine stone
Green Fluorite This green tinted crystal helps with cleansing energy and encouraging coherent thoughts. It also quells confusion leading to better focus and concentration. Fluorite is associated with Arch Angel Chamuel who provides support with careers, learning life’s purpose, and finding peace.flourite psychic crystal
Hematite This metallic looking stone regulates frequency fluctuations and promotes grounding. It is can also be used to cleanse the sacral chakra.hematite-energy-stone
Herkimer Diamond This clear crystal is part of the quartz family and is harder than most forms of quartz. It gets the diamond nickname because is closely resembles that prized precious gem. Herkimer is used for dream and vision work. The energy of this crystal opens the crown and third eye chakras to stimulate visions. This crystal can amplify the dream state so that the dreamer is more aware and able to interact. It also helps with astral projection as well as keeping focused during meditation.herkimer
Howlite This white marble looking stone helps with gaining patience, achieving insightful meditation, and strengthening the stone howlite
JadeThis stone comes in several colors, but is commonly known for it's light, leafy green appearance. Jade is a calming stone good for healing and recharging to raise one's energy levels. It can also be used to assist with attaining wisdom, prosperity, and longevity.jade
Jet This black stone helps with protection, purification, balance, grounding by absorbing negative energy then filtering it into clean, clear, usable energy. Jet is an excellent stone for transforming worry into calm, nervousness into confidence, as well as raising energy levels.jet energy stone
Labradorite This green, blue shimmering stone is labeled "magical" and said to enhance psychic abilities, assist with accessing akashic records and past lives as well as assist with astral projection. Labradorite raises one's vibration, energy. It can also be used for protection against negative energy.labradorite-energy-stone
Lapis Lazuli This blue marbled stone works specifically on development of the third eye chakra. The mixture of pyrite and calcite work together to raise one’s energy in order to strengthen their ability to receive messages and information in the form of visions.lapis energy stone
Leopard JasperThis spotted stone is part of the Jasper stone family. This stone strengthens communication between animals and humans. Leopard Jasper can also be used to transform meditation into a more profound shamanic journey. leopard skin jasper
Mahogany ObsidianThis black and terracotta colored stone resembles Snowflake Obsidian in a way and also offers similar healing properties. Mahogany possesses positive energy to protect from negative energy while strengthening our own energy. It helps us center, cleanse, and ground.mahogany jasper energy stone
MalachiteA copper carbonate mineral which is seldom found in the form of a crystal. This green-swirl colored rock possesses copper’s powerful electrical conductivity which helps strengthen the Third Eye Chakra to receive information and messages in the form of visions; while awake and asleep.malachite
MerliniteThis black marbled stone is a mixture of white quartz and black psilomelane. It is considered a magical stone, named after the legendary mystic Merlin. This stone can be a useful tool for psychics, shamans, pagans, and energy workers. It can help one go beyond the physical realm as well as explore past lives.merlinite energy stone
MoldaviteAt first glance, this stone resembles Tektite but soon the deep green tint is visible. Which makes sense since Moldavite is part of the Tektite group. This stone possesses immense power so it can strengthen our connection to the spirit world so that information and messages are received clearer and exact. Moldavite can be hard to find and expensive.
MoonstoneThis white and greyish stone strengthens intuition and psychic visions seen with the third eye. It is can also be used to cleanse the sacral chakra. Moonstone is associated with the Arch Angel Haniel who assists with healing and energy as well as stone moonstone
Moroccan Chalcedony Nodule This gem of antiquity was a stone of importance in ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Chalcedony can be found all over the Earth and comes in a variety of colors. The Moroccan Chalcedony has a brownish tint. It assists in group stability, telepathy, and removes hostility.
Moss Agate The most powerful of the agate stones. It promotes grounding especially connecting to the Earth. Moss Agate helps bring awareness to the Earth’s natural being and spirituality. It can also stabilize those who experience mood shifts and emotional stress. moss agate energy stone
OnyxPart of the quartz family, Onyx helps with grounding and connecting with the Earth’s energy. This black stone can be used while scrying (staring into a crystal ball or mirror to receive information from psychic visions). Although Onyx is not a solid black stone like Jet, it does re-energize just the same. onyx stone
Petrified Wood Also known as fossilized wood, is actually a a type of quartz. The wood has not become stone but rather the organic properties have transformed into silicon dioxide. When dead wood is soon covered by grains of sedimentary rock petrification occurs. Petrified Wood has experienced centuries of time so therefore is useful to connect to the past through meditation and past life regression. petrified wood
Pietersite This multi-colored stone is part of the quartz family. It is used for tapping into inner guidance and embarking on deep, prolific shamanic-like journeys. Pietersite stimulates the mind and imagination which strengthens psychic vision and telepathy. It can also be used to clear and recharge energy fields as well as encouraging and motivation one to take a new life direction. pieterite energy stone
Purple Agate This purple version of the agate stone is also known as Botswana agate. It alleviates stress and depression as well as helps people realize their spiritual awakening.bostwana energy stone
PyriteThis gold rough rock is also known as Fool's Gold. Pyrite can bring luck and bring forth manifestation of wishes and desires. It's shiny, shimmering appearance is quite eye catching. Pyrite can stimulate creativity and encourage healthy sexual expression.
Rainforest Jasper This multi-colored stone is part of the Jasper stone family. It is used for grounding, amplifying healing power, and increasing invigorating energy. It is associated with a strong connection to nature, the Earth and it's many creatures. jasper
Red Jasper This terracotta colored stone is part of the Jasper stone family. It is used for grounding and stabilizing energy levels. It stimulates the root chakra and can be used to cleanse it. jasper energy stone
RhodochrositeThis pink colored stone heals the heart so one can recover from a past relationship and prepare for the next by reclaiming inner. It also helps with expressing love and affection.rhodochrosite energy stone
RhodoniteThis pink and black marbled stone is associated with love and relationships. It also helps us realize the power of love. Rhodonite can help one learn to practice acceptance and forgiveness.rhodonite energy stone
Rhyolite This earthy colored stone removes emotional blockages so that positive, creative thoughts and feelings enter our heart and our lives. Rhyolite bolsters our self-esteem, self-confident, courage, and fortitude. It ignites us so that we may achieve our personal, professional, and spiritual potential.rhyolite energy stone
Rose Quartz This pink tinted crystal is related to the heart in many ways emotionally and spiritually. It deals with love, compassion, and kindness. Rose quartz can also be used to cleanse the heart chakra. It is associated with the Arch Angel Ariel who heals and protects humans and animals.rose quartz psychic stone
Ruby Fuchsite This stone with embedded ruby crystals helps with the realization of self-love, the learning of tolerance, and promotes the ability to forgive which all works towards achieving personal growth and harmony.ruby fuschite energy stone
SapphireThis blue stone is often noted as a beautiful gem. It is also known to magnify psychic abilities. Sapphire can be an aid to use during an Akashic Records reading to receive information from the Book of Life or the Lords of the Records themselves.
SardonyxThis stone comes in a few variations, pictured here are green & white and orange & black. Either color, either way this stone helps strengthen friendships as well as brings good fortune to those who possess it.sardonyx energy stone
Scolecite This white marbled stone promotes spiritual connections, relaxation, and inner peace. Scolecite is perfect for those experiencing their spiritual awakening as it slowly, gently raises awareness and openness. It is very useful for peaceful meditation as well as communication with spirits. energy stone scolite
SeleniteThis clear crystal is used to activate the energy stored in the highest chakras – the indigo third eye, royal purple crown, and white soul chakra (located above the head). Tapping into the power of these chakras strengthen visions, intuitiveness, and our connection to the universe. This crystal quickly cleanses chakras and removes blockages to allow energy to flow strong and freely.
SeptarianThis multi-colored stone is predominantly a golden yellow with a brown-grey center. It helps with harmonizing emotions and intellect. Septarian is also associated with healing and spiritual exploration which is amplified during meditation in the outdoors - helping one connect with the spirit world as well as nature.septarian-
SerpentineThis green and white marble stone connects one with nature and can unlock secrets to the Earth's evolution. It can also help one with achieving a deep meditation to assist with exploring spirituality.serpentine-energy-stone
Snowflake ObsidianThis black and grey polka dotted rock is part of the obsidian stone family. Snowflake obsidian purifies and helps one find balance and center themselves.snowflake-obsidian-energy-stone
Sodalite This blue marbled stone helps access the subconscious, enhances intuitive abilities and insight. It can be helpful during deep mediation when one seeks to explore themselves. Sodalite can be used to induce hypnotic and trance states. This stone can also aid in one's recollections of dreams or exploration of lucid dreaming.sodalite energy stone
Stromatolite This brown marbled stone also be considered a fossil as well. It can be used as a meditation aid. Stromatolite can help one remember and explore past lives. It possesses a steady flow of energy.stromatolite energy stone
Sunstone This sandy marbled stone energizes emotional patterns bringing harmony and joy while lifting depression. It can also help one take responsibility and lead others in business and personal endeavors.sandstone energy stone
Tiger's EyeThis orange and brown striped crystal maintains balance and stimulates energy. It can also be used to cleanse the root chakra. Tiger Eye can help one achieve harmony in relationships, find common ground during opposition, and equilibrium for those who tend to go to extremes.tigers eye psychic stone
Tektite This black stone is created through meteoric impact so its energy is other worldly. Tektite can be used as a meditation aid helping one achieve deep levels of relaxation in order to explore the subconscious as well as the universe. It may also stimulate astral projection. Due to it's galactic energy, tektite supposedly can be used to communicate with extraterrestrials.tektite energy stone
Turquoise This stone's beautiful shade of aqua blue results from its copper element. It is a very popular stone amongst western Native American tribes incorporated into a lot of their jewelry and clothing. Turquoise is actually a French term for "Turkish stone" referring to where Europeans imported it centuries ago. This stone's energy helps counsel us along life's path reminding us that all experiences - good and bad - are important and necessary in order to reach self-acceptance and enlightenment. Turquoise can also be used to cleanse the throat chakra.turquoise-energy-stone-2
Turritella AgateThis is a very earthy stone for a few reasons, one being that it includes fossilized snail shells which are the visible round and U shapes. The colorization is very natural with its predominant dark brown and black appearance. It is an ancient stone that has been found along with artifacts in Greece, Egypt, and other parts of Africa - which explains its ability to help with recalling past lives. Because it is an old stone, Turritella possesses the power to helps us learn about our ancestry and our history.past life regression
Unakite Part of the Jasper family, Unakite can help one remove blockages to their self actualization. It's energy also heals illness brought on by the repression of emotions, anger, and resentment. Unakite can raise the body's vibration in order to release negative energy stored within so that health and harmony prevail.unakite jasper energy stone
VarisciteThis pale light green stone can be used to cleanse and strengthen the heart chakra. It is associated with love and compassion, for yourself and others. This stone also helps with grief and heartbreak, relieving and strengthening. Variscite is related to turquoise.variscite energy stone
Yellow CalciteAlso known as Honey Calcite, this yellow tinted crystal enhances self-confidence. It soothes anger and anxiety which brings about balance allowing for clarity and focus towards achieving personal and professional goals.healing crystal


 Energy Stones and Gems

The above listing is a brief summary of several energy stones and crystals
derived from a culmination of a few sources.

If you are interested in learning more about them or other energy stones and crystals,
read The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.


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      • As for charging, there is a full moon this week, 8-16-19. Place your stones under the moonlight to get a lunar charge. You can also perform reiki on the stones, or simply meditate with them while putting out positive energy and intentions. You can wash them under cold water as well.

    • I now offer energy stone bags. 5 types, $15 each: for balance, chakra cleansing, love, past life regression, and psychic development. Go to the Store page for more information or you’re welcome to contact me 🙂

  1. I never imagined there were so many glorious stones. Yet to learn from them and what they hold. Wonderful! Can’t wait to read the amazing book! I hope I’m able to gain from them and help myself and or others as well!

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