Psychic vs. Tarot Reading

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People searching for guidance or to connect with spirits usually have 2 choices: a tarot card or a psychic reading. But what’s the difference? Which one is better?

A tarot reading can provide people with some answers and insights based off the cards drawn during a 10-card split, a popular formation. Each card is placed in a position that represents an aspect or time period in life such as the past, present, and of course the future. Influences from people and situations can also arise during the reading. Finances and relationships may come up too. Clients can select the cards to be placed or the reader will draw them from the deck: based on energy or luck of the draw.

Some people believe that it’s very easy for a tarot reader to just repeat the meaning of a card: which is listed in a handy booklet that comes with the decorative illustrated deck. This leaves a lot of room for readers to make generalizations much like a palm reader bases their reading from the lines in a person’s hand. Each card, each line has a pre-determined meaning.

There is no psychic abilities needed to read tarot cards. Readers don’t usually invest much of themselves into tarot with meditation or attending educational workshops. The bulk of their work is learning the significance of every card in the deck, which is normally 78 since the Rider-Waite Tarot pack is the most popular. Some may say that tarot allows anyone to be psychic whenever they need to be – the cards do all the work.

But tarot cards do provide a starting point or a spring board for someone for a psychic rather than them doing a cold reading. It also something visual for clients instead of them just staring at the reader.

Psychics don’t get a handbook…they have to rely on the strength of their abilities to receive information or messages from the spirit world. And that information is more authentic, more personal, more believable since psychics can receive names, dates, and other specific information.

If someone is searching for answers about their life purpose or to learn about their future an akashic records reading may actually be more beneficial for them than any type of reading. The akashic records, also known as the Book of Life, is just that: a book that contains information about our past lives, current life, and the future. The records exist in order for us to learn how we can better ourselves and realize our true potential. Although when it comes to the future, we are only provided with a glimpse. We only receive the information we need now; reason being that if we possessed the answers to everything we could easily just wait for it to happen rather than take the time and effort to make it happen.

I have received tarot readings, palm readings, psychic readings, and akashic readings. The glaring difference is that tarot and palm readings can be general while psychic and akashic readings are more specific. Tarot and palm readings have points of reference like cards and hands while the information received during psychic and akashic readings came from the spirit world. And spirits came through during my psychic readings – that never happened during tarot and palm readings or even akashic.

Whether a person is trying to learn about themselves or contact spirits, they must take a moment to compare readings so they know which type will be more beneficial for them. Which reading will provide them with the information they seek. Unless you don’t care how you spend your money or time, it is important to know the difference between readings and what to expect from them.


Psychic vs. Tarot Reading — 2 Comments

  1. Great article! I actually didn’t really know the diffrence between the diffrent methods for contacting spirits before. Now I do believ that tarot cards is the way to go for me. But of course that may change.

    • Yes, there are many ways to connect to the spirit world and everyone has their own methods. Let me know which ways work the best for you. And thanks for reading the article. 🙂

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