Yoga and Psychic Development

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Physical health and psychic health go hand-in-hand. Yoga is one of the few ways you can accomplish both.

Most forms of exercise are geared towards developing speed and strength through numbered movements and gym equipment. Yoga slows down the pace for people to focus on their body as well as their mind. Energy is controlled so it stretches over a period of time versus spurts of full force. But that’s not to say you won’t break a sweat during yoga.

The mood of yoga is serene, and inspiring. People are guided through poses and stretches with a gentle, soft voice rather than a trainer barking numbers and “motivation”. Studios play meditative music during sessions instead of pounding bass and fast beats like at gyms.

Movements of Energy

As I stretch out my arms then slowly raise them, I can feel the energy flowing upward before my hands meet above my head. The energy shifts downward as I lower my “praying hands” toward the center of my body. Repeating this movement generates positive energy for me which is refreshing before beginning another sequence of poses.

Yoga has helped me become more relaxed and ready to meditate. My energy is elevated which allows me to receive information more easily during meditation and psychic readings.

Some movements in yoga create a flow of positive energy with hand positions similar to those used to perform reiki on one’s self. After a yoga workout, the level of relaxation may feel as rejuvenating as a reiki session.

Yoga & You

yoga kinston paTo beginners, yoga poses can seem daunting – and there are positions that are quite a stretch. Practicing simple moves is just as beneficial as learning to balance and twist into advanced positions. But yoga isn’t all about pretzel poses. It’s about continually challenging your abilities and becoming more in tune with your body and the flow of energy through each movement.

The common obstacle people encounter with yoga (and exercising in general) is finding a time and place to do it. All you really need for yoga is a decent space and a way to watch an instructional video i.e. tv, laptop, or iphone. Once you learn a regiment of moves you can tailor your yoga sessions however you like with moves that are easy for you to do. A half hour of yoga every other day is enough to keep you physically and psychically fit.

And it can be tough to find a good instructor and a nearby studio. Practicing yoga at home can save the time and money spent going to a studio too. Yoga at home is also good for beginners who may be intimidated to workout with others in public. Some people find it more comfortable to do yoga alone while other believe working out with a group helps them with motivation and socialization. Try both and do what works best for you.

Here are a few suggestions for guided yoga - click a video to watch it:
Beginners may find the movements in this episode of Namaste Yoga fairly easy. This episode of Namaste Yoga features simple poses as well.

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