dream meaningdream dictionaryEvery dream has a meaning and message, but sometimes it’s difficult to completely understand dreams.

So now I am offering Dream Interpretation Readings to people who are searching for the meaning behind a particular dream or a specific recurring dream.

To do a reading, I meditate on a client’s full name in order to receive information about them and the meaning behind a dream. Normally, I just pass on my handwritten notes and drawings to clients but for an email reading I will transcribe and in some cases scan my meditation/reading notes.

All I need is a client’s full name and email address as well as a brief, detailed description of the dream: the whos, wheres, and whats. But no personal information or history. And please know that I do not search for people on Google or Facebook: my goal is to provide clients with information that cannot be found on the internet.

Dream Interpretation Readings cost $20 and can be purchased through PayPal using an existing PayPal account or credit card. A dream email reading takes a week (7 days) to complete considering all of the meditation, transcribing, and emailing involved. Payment is due at the time of the reading request. Email readings are non-refundable.

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