Past Life Regression

past life regression pennsylvaniaIt’s those moments that we can’t explain. That eerie feeling when you arrive somewhere new, but swear that you’ve been there before. When you discover a hidden talent that you never knew existed. Those dreams or memories of strange, unfamiliar people. These experiences, commonly known as déjà vu, are pieces of evidence that you have been reincarnated.

Reincarnation has become more and more palpable to me as I continue my spiritual journey learning from discussions in workshops and conversations with my spirit guides. Past life regression is not only an opportunity for people to explore their past lives but to also learn how that former existence influences their current being. Each life does not exactly mirror each other but there are similarities.

Below are highlights from one of my own past life regressions. You can listen to my personal sessions by visiting my YouTube channel.

A past life regression begins with a simple, brief explanation followed by hypnosis. A client is guided into a light hypnotic state to help them achieve a level of relaxation in order to access the subconscious. A facilitator is only there to lead clients through a session, not provide any information to them.

Once hypnotized, a client is encouraged to meet with their spirit guides (or guardian angels) before descending to Earth, landing in a former life. The facilitator asks clients to described their clothing and immediate surroundings to identify the period and place that they are visualizing. Years, names, and ages can be remembered along with siblings, spouses, and children. Not every life visited is pleasant, so there’s a possibly of reliving a traumatic memory. But most often, we recall the enjoyable and even mundane aspects of a former life.

If you believe a Past Life Regression may help you find answers and enlightenment, schedule an appointment by visiting the Schedule page. An appointment lasts 90 minutes and costs $95. You’ll also receive a Turritella energy stone so you may explore past lives after your appointment. You can also buy a Past Life Kit, a collection of specific energy stones for regression meditation on the Buy Energy Stones page.

Jim Byers is a Certified Past Life Regressionist receiving certification from Peter Woodbury, renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist from the Edgar Cayce Center, A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment).

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