Accessing Akashic Records

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There are your medical records, school transcripts, and Facebook page but nothing tells more about us than our akashic records. The information stored in these records tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on Earth.

Also known as the Book of Life, akashic records are kept in a library which we can access at any time – we just have to learn how to find the building and know what information to seek.

These records are an essential part of our enlightenment and learning the ways of the universe. We can find information on our current human life but searching for answers about relationships and money is not why these books exist. Finding out whether we will find true love or win the lottery is nowhere near as important as learning why we chose this life and how to achieve personal and intellectual milestones.

Akashic records document every aspect of our soul’s being. We can learn the reason behind certain behaviors, phobias, and life paths we now experience and how they are connected to our soul’s history. Every emotion, thought, triumph, and tragedy we have experienced throughout our soul’s existence is recorded. Keep in mind that this information is provided to us in parcels. We will not be able to learn everything all at once, but rather on a need to know basis. There would be no desire to study or work towards a goal if we have all the answers, so we are motivated to continue the journey by receiving pieces to the puzzle as we continue forth.

The Book of Life chronicles our past lives providing details of the achievements and failures experienced in those times. If we have not overcome a personal obstacle in the past, we will surely encounter it again – but by referring to the records we can gain the wisdom necessary to succeed this time since we are aware of what methods previously failed. We can be given the knowledge but it is up to us to apply it: our free will decides whether accomplishment occurs.

We may also learn why we are naturally inclined or interested in something. Some people just have a knack for fixing things or have an unexplained curiosity of Civil War history: it’s because they’ve experienced it before in a previous life.

The future is also outlined in akashic records, but it is only divulged in the form of clues and hints. To have full knowledge of future events is like being a millionaire who never has to worry or work. We cannot be privy to all of the life experiences that lie before us – otherwise we would become too self-assured, apathetic, and lack the motivation to do anything because we know that it is imminent. We receive just enough allusions so that we continue to explore. It might seem counterproductive or even unfair, but it is done in this manner so that we keep striving to pursue our purpose. It may take some time and much effort, but the sense of accomplishment and the knowledge acquired while doing so is invaluable.

The way to access your akashic records is through meditation which should last at least 15 minutes. There is a process involved here and much to learn – it isn’t like running into the supermarket to grab what you need and go. At first, we may need to call upon our spirit guides to escort us to the library but in time we can enter the place where our records are housed on our own. For some people, the building may look like a library, a school, or a place that is significant to them. Once we enter the building, we can review the Book of Life or be read its contents by the Lords of the Records who are there to assist us. Unlike spirit guides, the Lords have never lived a human life just like arch angels. They are highly intelligent which is why some of them can be presumptuous or facetious. The Lords expect us to ask profound soul searching questions so they will answer insignificant inquiries with rhetorical statements.

The Book will appear in a form that mirrors our expectations; maybe a large, elaborate book or a scroll. We are only permitted to see what information is important to us at the time of our visit. Before we gaze upon the pages, we must voice our intentions and what answers we seek. Again, rudimentary questions are discouraged since that time and that place are meant for learning about the meaningful aspects of life. And really, the simple questions about day to day life can be answered without referring to akashic records since we already know the solutions – we just hesitant to apply them out of fear of failure or to avoid the emotional distress that can accompany making a difficult, honest decision.

It is a natural progression which leads one to desire to see the Book. Our spiritual journey is much like attending school wherein we cannot jump from kindergarten to college. One must possess a fundamental knowledge and have a relationship with their spirit guides in order to be adequately prepared to see their records – otherwise we would not know what to ask or where to find the answers.

Those who are just beginning their spiritual journey may need assistance in accessing their akashic records. A facilitator or reader can help people retrieve their akashic records on their behalf. The facilitator needs a client’s full legal name and permission to access the records before the reading begins. The information a reader receives comes from viewing the book themselves or through messages from the Lords or your spirit guides. Either way, the information obtained is beneficial and will suffice until our curiosity beckons another look.




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