Automatic Writing with Spirits

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We can communicate with spirits in a variety of ways with ouija boards, holding séances, or visiting a psychic. Automatic writing is simply just another method much like channeling.

It’s quite a simple process requiring just a pen, a notepad, and getting into a meditative state. You can ask questions aloud or telepathically and the answers will slowly appear within the scribbles on the paper.

My only attempt at automatic writing, also known as spirit writing, took place over a decade ago. After college, I returned to Wilkes-Barre, PA, and stayed in my Nana’s spare room until an apartment next door became available – coincidently it was the same apartment where my family lived 100 years ago while they built their home.

It took a few months, but eventually spirits began to let their presence be known. The activity seemed to occur at night more than during the day. It started with that sense of being watched then progressed to items disappearing and later reappearing. The sound of papers being shuffled and muffled movement could be heard in the spare room every now and then. Within a year the spirit became aggressive with an instance of a decoration flying off a book shelf. One night as I laid in bed, I heard footsteps stomp toward the bedroom then the door was violently kicked. The solid thud reverberated through the silent apartment and all I could do was lay there frightened. A few nights later, I heard the sound of a ball rolling in circles on hard wood flooring which seemed to be coming from the apartment above mine. (It wasn’t until years later that I saw that the upstairs apartment had wall to wall carpeting).

All of this activity caused me to wonder what spirit was inhabiting my home and why it was being aggressive. I didn’t know of anyone who could help me communicate with the spirit so I decided to do a spirit writing session in the spare room to get my own answers. I sat in a chair with a notepad and pen, closed my eyes, and started talking aloud. I introduced myself then asked “Who is hiding my keys?” Soon, I got a sensation in my forearm and my arm started to move. It felt as though something was moving my arm. I asked another question: “Who are you and when did you live here?” My arm moved again. I asked a few more questions then the sensation in my arm dissipated so I looked at the notepad to see what had been written. The phrase “I’m sorry” was scrawled on the paper followed by the name “Henry” and the year “1902”. I thanked the spirit for communicating with me and said “This is my home, but you can stay here as long as you are polite.”

A week later, a friend called their personal psychic to ask about the activity in my apartment. The psychic said that my home was inhabited by a spirit named Henry who resided in the spare room where he had kept an office – which explained the sound of shuffling papers. She said that he had tried to show himself to me twice once while I was washing dishes at the sink and another when I was browsing through the refrigerator.

The psychic also mentioned another entity that she described only as “It” because It was not a spirit but something malevolent. It stayed in the darkest corner of the cellar and came upstairs occasionally to harass me. She said It was mad because I had placed garbage and such in that corner. She advised me to clear that area and from there on avoid that corner of the cellar.

Now that I had some leads I wanted to confirm the information so the next day I went to the Luzerne County Historical Society to find documentation. Census records from 1900 confirmed that a Henry Conrad lived in my apartment. It was satisfying to get the confirmation for Henry, but I was still leery about It. When I returned from the historical society, I went down to the cellar. I cautiously stepped toward It’s corner wondering if something was going to be hurled at me or worse. I apologized aloud for creating the mess and said that I was there to clean. The entire cleaning took less than 10 minutes because I just grabbed stuff and nervously shoved it into garbage bags. Afterward, I told It that I had cleaned the corner in good faith and asked for a truce. That must’ve worked because I didn’t experience any other aggressive moments after that day.

Henry continued to visit from time to time making subtle noises and I would feel his presence occasionally. Years later I moved away but I still wonder if he lingers in that apartment and if It remains dormant in the cellar.


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