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My interview with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson of Beyond Reality Radio was the first time I could be honest. You see…I can’t tell the mainstream media what really inspired me to write the book My American Odyssey.

I can’t tell newspaper and television reporters that I experienced retrocognition – psychically viewing a past moment in someone else’s life. It was through psychometry that I was able to experience my first and most powerful paranormal event. As I held my grandfather’s war journal I saw, heard, and felt a moment in his life: a moment when he was in combat. The intensity of that moment forced me to begin working on the book.

Despite the global spiritual awakening that seems to have begun in 2000, the paranormal is still taboo to many people. It’s still against their religious or personal beliefs. Some people still view the paranormal as evil and frightening.

As a psychic, I don’t go around telling everyone I can read people’s energy, see auras, and hear the voices of spirits. Although I do have a website and facebook page, I am very selective and protective of how I promote myself. Most of my coworkers don’t know I do psychic readings nor do my neighbors. I only share that fact with close family and friends.

So when I have the opportunity to be candid, I am…and I enjoy it. My interview with the guys from Beyond Reality Radio was not only my first national interview it was one of my favorites. For the first time I talked about my first psychometry experience. I talked about how my divorce was the catalyst for spiritual journey. As I did the interview, I was actually revealing that I am psychic to millions of people. It was vindicating and liberating.

So now, I invite you to listen to my interview with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson of Beyond Reality Radio by clicking here.


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