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It starts with a slow, deep drum beat to awaken the root chakra. You can feel the rhythmic vibration pulsate throughout your body. You lay down, close your eyes then prepare for the quartz crystal singing bowl meditation.

The meditation begins with soft-spoken guidance from a host or the drummer himself, Christopher Gebiya. At Inner Peace in Wilkes-Barre, Lisa Klee takes the spiritual hands of meditators to lead them to a comfortable, beautiful place where they can relax. Then Christopher begins to clear the 7 main chakras with quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to a specific frequency to cleanse each area of energy. This cleansing process removes negative energy affecting chakras which are associated with different aspects of our lives. The finishing touch to this musical meditation is a flute played overhead.

Playing music is nothing new to Chris. He’s basically a one-man-band able to play drums, guitar, piano, flutes, and a host of other musical instruments. Chris has been playing music most of his life, studied at the Institute of Audio Research, and worked in the music industry for years including time spent as an engineer at the Hit Factory studio in New York City.

chris gebiyaAfter the meditation, Chris takes a moment to speak with each person in attendance. All are welcome to bring energy stones and crystals which he will cleanse for them as well. He also shares inspirational words with everyone followed by a warmhearted embrace.

“I am not just exchanging energy with people, I am receiving something too. I benefit from these energy sessions,” he said referring to the spiritual rejuvenation he feels during and after his group meditations.

This meditation is for people of all ages and levels of spirituality from the beginner to advanced. Chris wants to share this experience with everyone so that he may help them begin or further their spiritual journey.

Chris mixes different religions and cultures into his work since each has similarities and differences that can benefit us all. Chris is a blend of cultures himself being of Native American, Sicilian, and Irish heritage and raised Catholic. He hopes that his meditations attract people of all backgrounds.

“There are many paths leading to the same thing,” he said referring to the noble moral teachings of the world’s various religions.

And it sounds as if Chris was destined to do this work when he reflects on his youth and the path which has led to his singing bowl meditations. Chris’s father was a musician so he was raised around drum beats, guitars, and creativity. As a child, Chris spent hours exploring the outdoors and relaxing near waterways wondering about himself, nature, and life. (Little did this young boy know that he was meditating.) He began to play music himself as a teenager then studied recording at the Institute before working in the recording business.

Years later, he began to study spirituality then slowly merged this new knowledge with meditation and his musical talent. Chris realized the correlations between energy waves and audio waves which led him to experiment with quartz singing bowls. His experience with frequencies helps him with choosing the precise bowl to cleanse individual chakras since each possesses a different level of energy.

“I try to be different, not because I want to be different…I am drawn to doing something different,” Gebiya said about his style of meditation and chakra clearing.

In addition to crystal singing bowl meditations, he also leads drum circles so that people can come together as a group and actively participate in creating an atmosphere that inspires self-exploration. Chris sets a tempo then one by one group members playing different instruments join in to support that initial beat. All the different people, instruments, and beats eventually become one spiritual symphony.

“When you’re in a room with a group and there’s great energy, everyone benefits from that,” he said.

And there is no need to be an accomplished musician in order to join his drum circles, it’s more about heart than talent. “Lay the basics and let your internal musician come out,” Gebiya said.

Then there is the philosophical side of Chris Gebiya. He enjoys sharing the knowledge and lessons he has accumulated over the years as he walks along his own spiritual path. Chris offers lectures to encourage and support people to begin and further their spiritual development. And because our paths are never-ending, so is the information Chris shares with audiences because he is always learning and growing and he hopes that his lectures motivate others to do the same.

Since he resides in Milford, PA, Chris is able to easily offer his services at centers throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.  You can learn more about Christopher Gebiya and the spiritual services he offers through Gebiya Vibration Events by visiting his website at

* All photos by Lisa Klee at Inner Peace.

Below is a list of venues that host Chris Gebiya’s meditations:
Call to find out when Chris will be there!

Inner Peace Health Healing & Wellness Associates, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Soulshine Inner Wellness, Carbondale, PA
Enchanted Gifts & Books, Milford, PA
The Amber Dragon, 1-3 Milk Street Branchville, NJ


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