Dreaming of Spirits

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Seeing a loved one in a dream can be quite surreal; especially if they have passed into the spirit world. Sometimes we see them for a split second and other times it can be quite a long meeting. Either way, the spirits of loved ones enter our dreams for a reason.

During these dreams, we may walk and talk to each other or simply stand face to face conversing telepathically. We hug them, kiss them, always wanting that moment to last forever. But, unfortunately, it does come to an end.

The type of relationship you had with someone during their human life influences your interaction and mood during these dreams. If you had a loving, cordial relationship with someone during their life then you will both be happy to greet each other during a dream. Or if you had a turbulent relationship you both may be standoffish if you were to meet again. In that situation, it’s best to test the waters at first because they may be returning to apologize for something harmful they did during life.

There are several reasons spirits enter our dreams. The most common is to simply say “hello” to let us know that they are doing well and watch over us. They can also come to us to provide comfort or advice relating to a situation upsetting us at the time. We relied upon their guidance during their life – and they know this – so they comeback to bring us the support and clarity we are missing.

And like I previously mentioned, they may return to apologize so that both of you can resolve past issues, begin to heal, and focus on living a joyful existence. Once we reach the spirit world we are reminded how animosity and resentment is so pointless while accepting responsibility can bring us enlightenment and serenity.

Loved ones may also enter our dreams to bid us farewell before they begin their journey to the spirit world. Some spirits may find it hard to leave the Earth without saying goodbye to the people they cherished during their human life so they visit shortly before or after their death.

Spirits may bring us messages or warnings about the future while we sleep. They care about us enough to return to advise us on an important pending decision or to ease our worried mind. They may also caution us against a future event that may cause us harm. Spirits will not outline the remaining years of our life but rather provide us with just enough information so that we can make a better decision once we wake.

ghost spiritIt’s easy for us to remember meeting with a spirit during our sleep, but to recall the entire conversation can be difficult. For one reason, we have five to seven dreams each night that vary in length from mere minutes to half an hour. Normally, we remember the longer dreams, the most significant dreams, or the last dream we had before waking for the day. We may recall just a portion of a dream or all of it. Some people claim they can’t remember a single thing about a dream while there are others who think they don’t dream at all.

People suggest keeping a notebook near the bed so that you can document dreams – but let’s be honest, who is coherent enough at 4 a.m. to grab a pen and pad then write down every detail. Some people can do it, I can’t. As for me, when I want to recall or retain a dream I take a moment before I open my eyes for the day to review my experiences while I slept. Meditation can also help us remember aspects of dreams.

If you want to see a loved one in your dreams, take a moment before you go to sleep to ask them to meet with you. Invite them to visit you, let them know that you miss them and that seeing them once again would bring you so much joy. It may take a few nights of requesting their presence, but eventually you will see them again. And in time, you won’t even need to ask them to visit they will just show up.

One thing I truly believe and tell clients is that even though a loved one has passed, your relationship with them does not end – it simply changes. You called upon them during their life, and you can still call upon them after their death.



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  1. My brother passed some time ago and I have dreams about hime twice. Both times we were children and were playing, laughing and having so much fun. He is the only person in my life that has passed that appeared in any of my dreams that I can recall.

    • You may have a stronger connection to your brother than your other family members who have passed. He visited you just to remind you of good times you had together, the innocence and laughter. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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