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As I continue with my psychic development, I search for workshops, classes, and books to learn more about the spirit world and myself. I also experiment with different meditations, music, and other techniques to explore and strengthen my abilities. The most useful and beneficial tools for me have been energy stones and crystals.

Years earlier, when I came across energy stones their colorful patterns caught my eye but I never considered them useful. To a younger, skeptical me it seemed very unlikely that a stone could possess or emanate good vibrations or good energy – it’s just a rock.

But now after having used several different stones and crystals during meditations and psychic readings I am convinced of their power and usefulness. At times, I can feel a stone’s energy radiating in my hands, pulsating. Sometimes my hands go numb. Jade and jet stones almost immediately calm me the moment I place them in my palms and their positive energy moves from my hands, up my arms then spreads throughout my body.

energy crystal clear quartzThe first time I realized the power of stones was during a session with a healer I visited. She handed me a stone to hold while she worked to raise my energy levels. I can’t recall the specific stone, but I will never forget the vibrations and pure bliss I felt as I held it. It was invigorating and complimented the work she was performing. She gave me two stones to take with me – clear quartz and rose quartz. The healer told me that the clear quartz was to help strengthen my emerging psychic abilities and the rose quartz was to help me through my post-divorce emotions.

For weeks, I held both stones while I meditated which helped me achieve deeper states of relaxation. My psychic abilities became stronger and I made contact with one of my spirit guides. As for the emotions, well, the rose quartz helped me move forward but some negative feelings still linger – time is always a better healer.

The more I used the stones, the more I noticed my abilities developing. I absolutely believe that the energy stone and crystals have helped me connect more easily with spirits than if I had never used one. So of course, I wanted to see what other stones could improve and broaden my abilities as well as balance my energy.

Choosing energy stones is a personal process and decisions should be based on intent and needs. Although the appearance of a stone like Dalmatian Jasper may catch my eye I may not be interested or need what it has to offer at this point in my journey. I try to find the biggest stone in the bin because I like a larger stone since I hold them while I meditate – it’s just a personal preference because size really doesn’t matter. A multitude of stones exist because they serve a variety of purposes so you may need to acquire several stones because each one focuses on a specific area: one stone cannot be used to address several issues.

My collection began with gathering stones associated arch angels who I call upon for assistance. I already possessed clear quartz which is associated with Raziel (who is my Master Guide) and Rose quartz for Ariel. So I chose to get amethyst since it is affiliated with Jeremiel – both stimulate psychic development and life review. The next stone was fluorite because it helps with cleansing and concentration. It is connected to Chamuel who provides support with careers, learning life’s purpose, and finding peace. There was a period of time when I held onto the purple and green tinted crystals while I meditated and asked for guidance from Jeremiel and Chamuel. I could feel their presence around me – one on either side of me – and their presence was detected by the healer during a visit. I have also gotten citrine for Gabriel and moonstone for Haniel but still have a few arch angels and stones left to go.

meditation stoneRecently, I have been holding sodalite while I meditate and have been amazed by the long and deep relaxation I have experienced. This blue marbled stone is so powerful that I am a bit groggy after meditating. Sodalite is known for inducing hypnotic, trance-like states. During one session, I found myself in a cave lit by torches where I came upon a large wooden door. I felt compelled to open the door, but hesitated because I did not believe I was prepared to fully explore whatever stood behind it.

Not only am I using energy stones during psychic readings, but I have now begun to hand clients scolecite to hold onto. This clear, white marbled stone promotes spiritual connection, relaxation, and inner peace which I believe is helpful to clients who are a bit nervous and eager – as am I. If the client and the reader are both tense the reading can be affected.

As I continue my psychic development and offer readings, I will find other stones to help me connect to the spirit world as well as my clients.

Energy stones and crystals are not only useful for meditation and psychic readings, they can accompany us everywhere. Stones can be carried in a purse, worn as jewelry, and kept on an office desk or a night stand beside your bed. Sometimes I carry one in a pocket when I am going somewhere that I may feel I may need an energy boost. It is a good practice to clean stones from time to time in order to remove any negative energy absorbed during your own meditation or energy transferred from another person. Stones can be cleansed by washing them under cold water or placing them outside for an hour on a sunny day – but be careful because some crystals may lose their color if they are left out in the sunlight for too long.

Energy Stones and Crystals

For more information about stones that I use, go to my page
about Energy Stones and Crystals.

Find energy stones and crystals at the Inner Peace Health and Wellness Center in Wilkes-Barre Township and Magikal Gardens in Exeter in Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in learning more about them or other energy stones and crystals, read The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.


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  1. im not a spiratual reader but i get my spirit guidr has neen trying to communicate with me. One day it led me to purchase a green quartz. Not sure why?

    • Green quartz is associated with emotions: being able to feel them and communicate them to others. Feeling empathy for others. Rose quartz is commonly associated with the heart chakra, but so can green quartz due to its relation to emotions including love. Perhaps this is a message for you to be more loving towards yourself and others.

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