Paranormal Terms


Listed below are definitions for those who are unfamiliar or unsure what a particular term means. These definitions are derived from several sources along with my own interpretation.

Akashic Records Also known as the Book of Life, these records hold information which tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on Earth.

Aura – energy fields that surround a person, animal, or plant. 

Automatic writing – writing produced without conscious thought. It can be used to communicate with spirits.

Astral projection – when a person’s spirit or soul separates from their physical body also known as an out-of-body experience (OBE).

Clairalience – the ability to smell something related to someone who resides in the spirit world. Clairalience is French for clear smelling.

Clairaudience – the ability to hear messages from spirits as well as other sounds that eminate from the spirit world. Clairaudience is French for clear hearing.

Claircognizance – knowing information without assistance or confirmation from the spirit world. Claircognizance is French for clear knowledge.

Clairgustance – the ability to taste something related to someone who resides in the spirit world.

Clairsentience – the ability to feel sensations related to someone who resides in the spirit world. Sensations may stem from a chronic ailment or the cause of passing related to a spirit’s Earthly existence. Clairsentience is French and Latin for clear feeling.

Clairvoyance – the ability to see spirits and/or receive visual messages from spirits. Clairvoyance is French for clear vision.

Chakra – energy centers within the body related to all aspects of life.

Channeling – when a person allows their body and mind to be used by a spirit in order to communicate. This is not the same as possession in which a person’s body and mind are overtaken against their will by a negative spirit.

Deja vu – a phenomenon in which a person unexpectedly recalls the memory of an event, emotion, person, or place that they previously encountered in a dream or a past life. The phrase deja vu is French for already seen.

Divination – gaining insight through a ritual.

Dowsing – the ability to communicate with spirits using a tool known as a dowsing rod.

Ectoplasm – a cloud that forms in the area where a spirit is currently located.

Empath – someone who can feel the emotions and energy of other people whether they are nearby or at a distance.

ESP – an abbreviation for extrasensory perception in which a person gathers information from another person commonly referred to as mind reading.

Etheric cordchakra cords attached to people, places, and experiences in our past and present. In order to clear chakras, these cords must be severed.

Intuitive – a person who gets flashes of information that need no translation by themselves or a spirit.

Medium – a person who communicates directly with spirits.

Paranormal – a phenomena that can not be explained by standard science. It has become a pop-culture term affiliated with spirit manifestation but can also be used to described other experiences that are considered extraordinary.

Parapsychology – the study of paranomal experiences including spiritual manifestation and psychics.

Premonition – visions or emotions foreshadowing a future event yet to occur. Also known as precognition.

Psychic – a person who uses their senses to receive information from spirits. They may receive information through mental images, sounds, smells, tastes as well as feeling emotions or physical sensations.

Psychic medium – someone who receives messages from spirits as well as information by using their senses.

Psychometry – obtaining information about a person from an object by touching it or concentrating on the object. Also referred to as psychoscopy.

Reiki – a healing technique that improves the body, mind, and soul through energy revitalization. Practitioners places their hands either on or above chakras or other energy areas of the body to remove negative energy and replace it with positive. It originated in Japan and the term Reiki is derived from 2 words: Rei (universal) Ki (life energy).

Reincarnation souls/spirits experience multiple, sequential physical lives on Earth. After the end of a human life, a spirit may choose to experience another life cycle by returning to the planet through the birth of an infant.

Remote viewing – gathering information from or about someone when you are not together, but rather at a distance.

Retrocognition – receiving visions concerning past events.

Scyring – using a mirror, crystal ball, or even water to receive psychic visions. Images can be seen by either focusing or from the reflection of the surfaces.

Spirit guides – also called guardian angels by some people, guides are spirits assigned to protect and teach us throughout our lives. 

Synchronicity – moments of meaningful coincidence.

Telekinesis – the ability to manipulate matter by the power of thought. Also known as psychokinesis.

Telepathy – the transfer of thoughts between people.


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