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Where else can you hear about reincarnation, werewolves, and holistic healing but on Coast to Coast AM.

Hosted by veteran radio broadcaster George Noory, the show’s topics range from serious to mysterious, silly to really?! Sometimes the show makes you think or confirms what you’ve already been thinking.

Coast to Coast is one of the few alternatives to radio talk shows which usually focus on politics or sports. And when I say alternative, I really mean alternative.

Noory invites internationally renowned guests as well as self-proclaimed experts who talk about an array of topics like government conspiracy theories but that’s about as political as it gets. He leaves the heavy discussions about senate bills and budgets to the pundits. And rarely is there any talk of sports unless maybe it’s about a yeti racing a chupacabra.

And then on Fridays there’s “Open Lines” – much like a circus brings in the clowns. While most segments of shows are interesting, Open Lines is more entertaining. Aside from the few legitimate callers there are more often people telling far-fetched stories about sightings of Big Foot or the New Jersey Devil.

The show airs early in the morning on the East Coast (locally at 1 am on WILK FM) and late at night on the West boasting 3 million faithful listeners on more than 500 stations around the world. That’s a pretty dedicated following since most are sacrificing sleep to listen in. Coast to Coast is known to be a trucker’s best friend.

Noory is also a frequent commentator for the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series. I find him more credible than Giorgio Tsoukalos (famed for his orange spray tan and wild hair) who strives to make a connection between aliens and basically anything supernatural.

For most listeners, it’s a show that allows them to wonder about the possibilities and discuss subjects that are taboo. There are not many places for people to listen and speak freely about paranormal experiences without the fear of mockery.

But Coast to Coast seems to have changed since the original host Art Bell departed in 2003. Bell was more demanding of his guests figuratively and literally, but he did have a playful side. He was the pioneer of alternative radio paving the way for others like John B. Wells, Clyde Lewis, and Alex Jones.

aliens in pennsylvaniaAs of late, it seems that Noory can be somewhat passive in his interviews. Coast to Coast does discuss serious topics like the cause of autism, alternative medicines, and genetically modified organisms but he asks low-ball questions. He allows some guests to go on about subjects like government denial of UFOs, political assassinations, or pharmaceutical misconduct without asking for firm proof. Some guests make claims that are totally outrageous and George simply entertains the thought rather than discredit or question the guest.

A good example is a 2012 interview with Frank DeMarco who proclaims to have spiritual discussions with the late author Ernest Hemingway. The average listener would find the story interesting and want to hear some concrete evidence. But Noory did not challenge DeMarco who passed off generalizations as facts which no one could confirm. This interview could have been done by any Hemingway expert or fan.

This change is puzzling since Noory has taken a stand against vague guests in the past. In 2004, David Booth who claims to know the Third Secret of Fatima sidestepped George’s repeated requests to share the clandestine information on the air. George asked the man several times to divulge the secret but Booth continued to evade the question. Soon, George took an abrupt commercial break and returned to tell listeners that he had ended the interview and banned the guest from his show. To me, it was an unprecedented and impressive exhibition of journalistic integrity. Mainstream reporters wouldn’t dare end an interview with a guest who dodged questions – if they did newscasts would just be about the weather and parades.

In 2007, Noory announced his decision to no longer book well-known psychic Sylvia Brown because of her predictions regarding the West Virginia miners. She had predicted they would be found alive then changed her statement when journalists retracted their earlier reports. George had said the only way she would be allowed back on the show was to first address those predictions. She never did return to Coast to Coast AM but she did continue to make outlandish and just plain wrong predictions on the Montel Williams Show. Brown finally stopped making her erroneous predictions in 2013 when she died at the age of 77.

Coast to Coast is an entertaining show that challenges its’ audience to think, dream, and question. I’ve called into the show twice myself and enjoyed the experience. But listeners need to practice skepticism and in some cases consider the source.


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