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past life regression

It’s those moments that we can’t explain. That eerie feeling when you arrive somewhere new, but swear that you’ve been there before. When you discover a hidden talent that you never knew existed. Those dreams or memories of strange, unfamiliar people. These experiences, commonly known as déjà vu, are pieces of evidence that you have been reincarnated.

Sometimes I am drawn to something for absolutely no reason – which happens a lot when I am antique shopping. The furniture, architecture, and way of life from the Victorian Age is very appealing to me. It’s not about the craftsmanship of the woodwork or beauty of buildings as much as the comfort and sense of familiarity I feel when surrounded by items from that era.

Déjà vu is a phenomenon in which a person recalls the memory of an event, emotion, person, or place that they previously encountered in a dream or a past life. The phrase deja vu is French for already seen.

My curiosity in past life regression stemmed from my interest in reincarnation. I have always felt out of place, never completely comfortable in my own skin…like I don’t belong – not like a social outcast but more like I don’t belong in this time period.

Reincarnation has become more and more palpable to me as I continue my spiritual journey learning from discussions in workshops and conversations with my spirit guides. There are differing opinions but the common ideal is that our souls/spirits experience multiple, sequential physical lives on Earth. After the end of a human life, a spirit may choose to experience another life cycle by returning to the planet through the birth of an infant.

I plan to discuss reincarnation more in depth in future blogs, so for now I will concentrate on describing my personal experience during a past life regression with a link to an audio excerpt.

Past life regression is not only an opportunity for people to explore their past lives but to also learn how that former existence influences their current being. Each life does not exactly mirror each other but there are similarities. A spirit may choose to undertake a particular life because they have prior experience which may help them succeed in a new one.

My past life regression began with a simple, brief explanation followed by hypnosis. A person is guided into a light hypnotic state by a facilitator to help the client achieve a level of relaxation in order to access the subconscious. A facilitator is only there to lead clients through a session, not provide any information to them.

Once hypnotized, a client is encouraged to meet with their spirit guides (or guardian angels) before descending to Earth, landing in a former life. The facilitator asks clients to described their clothing and immediate surroundings to identify the period and place that they are visualizing. Years, names, and ages can be remembered along with siblings, spouses, and children. Not every life visited is pleasant, so there’s a possibly of reliving a traumatic memory. But most often, we recall the enjoyable and even mundane aspects of a former life.

While under hypnosis, I felt like I was a passenger in the backseat of a car or better yet like an observer in the movie Being John Malkovich. I was witnessing scenes from a life with little or no control over interactions or situations. I was very calm but was able to sense the emotions related to the life I was visiting.

youtube psychicmediuminpaBelow are highlights from one of my past life regressions. You can listen to the actual session and others by visiting my YouTube channel.

I landed in a town center, a market place where I saw women leading donkeys hauling carts, merchants selling goods, and children running about. I referred to this place as Capitol City, located somewhere in the Mediterranean. The year was 963 A.D. As I gazed down, I saw myself wearing sandals and a robe or toga. I saw a rocky coast line and a bright blue sea that stretched to the horizon. (I must mention here that I repeatedly saw this ocean view while meditating days before the session.)

On that day, I was on my way to meet a friend at a place where businessmen and politicians congregated. “It’s a place where people like us meet…to talk business or politics. It’s like a sanctuary,” I recalled. I described myself as a merchant who sold and traded goods and held a low level government position. “We’re all connected in some way…business and what not.” The city was filled with buildings made of tan stone, but the meeting place was a grand structure with columns, frescos, and fountains. “Nobody else belongs there except us.” My impression was that this meeting place also hosted lush banquets with rooms for regulars and visitors to stay – sometimes with a female or male servant.

reincarnation artworkOnce I met my partner, I noticed another man sitting at a table across the room. I identified him as a major figure in the city who was involved in all aspects of business and politics. Although I didn’t recall a specific instance, I had an inkling that we had done business together and that I was not very fond of him. “He’s not in charge, but he might as well be,” was my description of this man who had short grey hair and a beard. He wore medallions and a toga with a bright aqua sash. “I don’t deal with him unless I have to. He’s one of those people where everything goes through him…or get permission in some way…he has to know everything.”

The reason for this particular visit was to explain to me why I prefer a small circle of friends rather than a larger group: my experiences have taught me that people can be deceitful and selfish with a hunger for money and power. It defined why I sometimes choose to take matters into my own hands rather than allow others to dictate terms. The visit was also a chance to teach me that if I cannot change the system, I must learn how to live within it. “I just think this is the way it’s always going to be,” I said referring to society. “It’s still certain men making the decisions and the people outside the building have nothing to do with it – they are just working pieces.”

At that point, that portion of the session ended as I chose to visit another life. For hours after the session, my demeanor was a bit subdued. I continued to receive visual flashbacks of those lives which provided me with even more information. My past life regression was very beneficial to my spiritual journey because it explained the reasons for some of my behaviors and decisions which had always seemed natural, automatic, instinctive.

A facilitator is a good way to for someone to be introduced to past life regression, but individuals can visit former lives on their own. To receive the best results, one should be familiar with their spirits guides who can help with visiting past lives. For more information about past life regression, you should visit a spiritual development center and refer to the multitude of books and websites on the subject.



Learn more about reincarnation and past life regression by reading Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners by Mary Lee LaBay.  


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