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The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits.

But Jason Wickens uses his ability of telepathy to communicate with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, even a pet rat. The common term is pet psychic, but Jason prefers animal communicator.

Wickens, 42, lives near Worcester in England with his wife and two young kids. And of course he has two dogs, Belle and Lacey. Animals have always been part of his life growing up with family dogs and the animals residing near his childhood countryside home.

Several years ago, Jason took a series of spiritual healing workshops where he learned the wonders of healing. Then he read about animal communication and attended a workshop in which his mind was blown wide open. Wickens has a healthy skeptical mind, but the results during that particular workshop made it clear that animal communication is real.

With two babies at that time, life kind of got in the way but Jason is now back practicing animal healing and consulting through his website for pets that need something in addition to veterinary care.

I met Jason through blogging and was intrigued by his pursuit of animal communication so I asked him if he’d be interested in sharing his experiences and knowledge with others. He graciously agreed and the following is our email Q&A conversation. Contact information for Jason can be found at the conclusion of the article.


pet psychic Jason WickensHave you always been psychic or was this something you began to pursue during adulthood?

No, it is something I began having an interest in during my early twenties after learning meditation. Until learning animal communication, I never talked to the animals but I did have a few strange events which I put down to the meditation practice beginning to open up my psychic side. Once while meditating, I felt a hand rest on my shoulder from behind. Nobody was there (at least in the flesh and blood form) but it was a definite hand on my shoulder and I got a feeling of “everything is going to be ok”, like a guardian letting me know they were there. Another time, I heard a voice in my head, just a name, but it was clear as day as if someone had spoken inside my skull, much different to the inner monkey chatter we humans have. The name was that of my grandfather who had passed over before I was born. It happened again a few months later, this time it was my grandma’s name.

How where you introduced to animal communication?

On the first workshop I attended for animal communication I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have a healthy skepticism but at the same time I hoped it was real. There was the feeling that even if it was real, I would probably be the one to struggle “getting it” and others would be chatting away to the animals quite easily. Thankfully, it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and I came up with plenty of specific information that there is just no way I could have known. At the end of the day, one guy came up to me and joked “stop showing us up!” It was a day of change for me that led me along this new journey.

Basically, in the class we all took photos of our pets and paired up to swap photos. We then tuned into the animals photo and asked it questions, writing it down on paper. The animal I was to read turned out to be a deceased dog but it didn’t seem to matter. The information I got came in mainly single words with a few pictures mixed in. ‘Railway’ related to them living right next to a train track, ‘Cave’ related to where a previous dog of the family was buried and ‘Rusty’ was one of the family’s other dogs who was still alive. I asked where he liked walking the most and got an image of a field at the top of a coastline and the owner said they did take him there a few times. There were far too many specific things I received for it to be luck.

Why do you choose to communicate with animals verses humans?

I have always had a deep love of animals and they don’t really have a voice to speak of. Letting them get their point across is important and can have a real impact on a pet’s bond with their human friend. It opens up all kinds of possibilities and demonstrates how animals are not just creatures that follow instincts – they are truly sentient beings with feelings and desires. If it educates some people to realize their animals are more human-like then that can only be a good thing. There are many psychics that just connect with humans and spirits but I felt like reaching out to the animal kingdom.

What are some the reasons someone seek your help?

A lot of the time people just want to know that their pet is happy and what it likes and dislikes. Sometimes there is a health or behavioral issue that they can’t get to the bottom of. Usually the animal can tell me what needs fixing and I can relay that to the human friend. Most of my work is done via my website where people can send me some details along with a photo and I work with that. After communicating with the animal I email the owner back with the feedback. I would like to work onsite a bit more in the future, perhaps helping out at animal sanctuaries and working with horses at stables. The great thing about animal communication is that time and space do not affect the readings. We can tune into pets on the other side of the world, even those that have been passed over.

What is an animal’s reaction when they first realize that you can communicate with them?

Usually when I get the connection I see them wagging their tails or bounding over to me in my mind’s eye. A lot of them get quite excited, especially dogs. Sometimes it feels like cats sit on my lap, while others may be a bit more timid and need to ‘warm up’ before they truly open up. I’ve never come across an animal who isn’t happy to get connected though. It often feels like they have been waiting to communicate with someone for a long time.

psychic pets telepathyWhat exactly do pets say to you: do they express their love or dislike for their owners? Do they complain about their meals or homelife? Are they humorous?

What I have found is that animals are as different as we humans are, in that they all have their own personalities. Generally, they are a lot more positive than us as they live in the present and make the most of their time. Sometimes you can tell they are funny characters or full of life just by the energy you feel when the connection is made. Other times it can be weaker. They certainly tell me what they like and don’t like. I remember a dog who said “more mince!” It turns out that it lived with a dog who was fed mincemeat regularly but for some reason this dog wasn’t. The owner laughed and promised to give mince to him too. Another time, I was shown a brief video in my mind of a horse who practically put his head in its owner’s pockets and said “I want more please!” I got the impression that the owner kept treats in her coat pocket and the woman confirmed this.

Have you ever encountered an animal that does not want to communicate?

Thankfully no, although I did have a very brief one with a goat who said he had to go as he was trying to get the attention of a female goat that he liked. Occasionally I can’t make a connection and that could be a sign that the animal does not want to connect, or it just isn’t a good time for them. It’s quite rare though.

Is one breed or species better to work with than another or is it generally all the same?

It really depends on their personality and how much they want to talk. Dogs seem excited, cats are more chilled, and horses come through quite clear.

Do you communicate with your own dogs?

Some animal communicators say it is harder to connect to your own animals because of the emotional connection you already have, and to some degree this is what I have experienced. My dogs do connect sometimes but it seems to be general chit-chat rather than deep stuff. They have each other though so they’re probably communicating all the time, talking about how crazy we humans are.

Do you have any simple tips for others to begin communicating with animals?

I would say a good starting point is to use a photo of a friend’s pet to begin with. That way you can get validation from them with your answers. Find a quiet spot and take a few minutes to bring your thinking down. Relax. When you are in a quiet state have a look at the photo and try and tune into the animal’s energy. Focus all your awareness onto the animal and project a loving, compassionate feeling. Try and be at one with the animal. See if anything pops into your head – a word, a feeling or an image. The trick is to filter what your mind makes up and what is actually coming through from the animal. By keeping a meditative state with your mind you should be able to block out your own thoughts and let the telepathic connection flow. Meditation is a great tool for quieting the mind which is essential for communicating with animals.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason Wickens and communicating with animals visit his website at You can contact him at and follow him on Twitter and Pinterest.


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  1. Hi. Maybe this will sound a little crazy , but here we go. I won a tarot card reading as raffle prize. She was in England and myself in Spain. so it was conducted over the phone this afternoon. One of the cards brought up the need for me to meditate; which I have been contemplating starting the practice for quite some time now. Another card brought up that I would connect with a male animal communicator and i would learn to communicate with various animals in the future. To be honest this was interesting to hear as I have for several years had the dream of being able to communicate with animals, horses especially. Now you may be asking ‘what has that got to do with me?’ well I have no real idea. Maybe you are that person can that is destined help me realise my dream. I would love to here your thoughts.

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