Coming out of the Cosmos

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It’s a big step in a person’s life. The first step was accepting who you are – a person with the capability of hearing, seeing, or feeling messages from spirits. Whether you have experienced it all of your life or just begun to explore psychic development, allowing others to know about it can be intimidating.

How will your friends and family react? Will they call you crazy and disown you or be supportive? Sharing personal information about yourself with anybody can be risky – especially when it’s something that is considered unusual or taboo. I liken it to True Blood’s vampires “coming out of the coffin”.

We know that there is a stigma associated with psychics and are aware that it can freak people out. It may contradict some people’s personal and religious beliefs and others might consider it the signs of a mental disorder. So sometimes we choose to keep it a secret from our peers out of fear or abandon the idea altogether. But there comes a time when psychics and the like have to embrace their abilities and learn how to live with them. Otherwise, they might spend the remainder of their lives wondering what they could have accomplished or be troubled by messages and images that they can’t fully comprehend.

There are some psychics who are buoyant and have people in their lives who support them. These fortunate people are able to easily function in the living and spiritual worlds carefree while others seclude themselves. It can be a lonely existence when you think you are the only person in the world who can hear and see spirits. The fear of stereotyping and mockery can prevent someone from revealing their abilities to others causing them to be reclusive and depressed – that’s why psychics need to seek out other mediums, clairvoyants, and intuitives. Finding a group of people who are similar will not only raise one’s confidence but the lessons, exercises, and friendships gained from group meetings are everlasting.

As I stated before, it can take years (in my case decades) for people to finally accept and pursue psychic development. For me, it took a combination of a few personal misfortunes and subsequent inward reflection for me to cast aside my own doubts. I reached a point in my life where the coincidences and experiences were too many and it was abundantly clear that I was psychic. I could either ignore it or strengthen it. I could choose to share it with others or squander it.

When I did decide to “come out of the cosmos”, I wanted to tell the world but I soon learned that you must pick and choose who you share that information with. I noticed how a few people looked cockeyed at me when I told them I was psychic. When I told one family member about my ability to see my own auras…it was met by an awkward silence then they quickly changed the topic of conversation. Afterward, I understood why he reacted like that – I would have done the same thing a few years earlier. Although I am comfortable with my own abilities some people might not be as open minded and willing to explore the possibilities. We must keep in mind that psychics and the paranormal are not widely accepted and it would be wrong to impose our own beliefs on someone else. We must exhibit the same respect towards skeptical people that we expect for ourselves. It’s not about converting or convincing people that these abilities exist – that is a decision that they must make themselves.

Within the last century or so, more people have become intrigued by the supernatural. Society seems to be changing their opinions about clairvoyance and spirits as well as extraterrestrials. Signs of this are the influx of television shows and movies that are popularizing paranormal investigators and mediums. Although that can be viewed as a good thing, it does bring with it unprofessional and dubious people who want to capitalize on a trend – which is why psychics and others continue to be judged. For every 10 creditable psychics you meet, there are 20 who are…let’s just say…not so good.

When it comes to sharing your abilities with others, be proud and be confident but most of all do not be cocky. Ego can hinder your development. Stay humble and use the right side of your brain. I never claim to be an expert, and I probably never will be. That’s why I always encourage others to seek out different sources of information and find classes, workshops, and people who can help you along your spiritual journey.


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  1. Hey Jim, well worded thoughts there, and something I am often thinking about. I’m learning animal communication as right now only a few close people know about it. I know when I go ‘public’ some people will mock me and laugh behind my back but it is something worth pursuing and, well, haters gonna hate! It’s their loss if they are not ready, or not open enough. I won’t hold it against them.

    • Hey Jason. Thank you for the comment and compliment. I guess all that time in college paid off. 🙂 I only know of one other person who communicates with animals so it’s good that you are pursuing it – makes you unique. If you’d like to write a guest blog about your ability for my website I would gladly post it. Send me an email if you are interested – no rush and no pressure.

      And it’s funny what you said about others who mock, I just got an email yesterday from an anonymous person who asked why I just don’t guess lottery numbers. I don’t reply to people like that. For one thing, I am not out to change people’s minds or debate the subject. And if someone isn’t interested in pursuing development that’s their choice, but they are really missing out. There is so much more to life that tv, facebook, sports, etc.

      • Hey thanks Jim, that’s very kind of you.

        Once you start looking around there are quite a few animal communicators and yet probably 95% of them are women for some reason. Perhaps it’s just not a ‘manly’ job lol!

      • Yes, Jason, I have noticed that the majority of people in the workshops and classes I attend are women. Same with my clients. I just think women are more open to it. Almost every paranormal show I watch, the husband or boyfriend is the last one to accept that their home is haunted. Guys seem to be more skeptical, which I think has to do with their fear of being viewed as weak, etc.

  2. Thank you for your advice. I continue to journal and being amazed by the connection! I realize it’s more important to be authentic than fit in. BTW, I will be moving back to PA in the next several months to my hometown, Doylestown. I would love to get a reading.

    • Glad to hear that you are doing well and I look forward to eventually meeting with you. Keep in touch until then. 🙂

  3. Debbie, use your blog or a personal journal if that helps. Hopefully you can find someone near you who can be supportive and answer any questions you have. Feel free to email me if need be. Thanks for visiting the site and commenting. Take care and don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from continuing your journey. – Jim

  4. Jim, I’m dealing with this right now in my life. I have been honing my intuition for the past several years now, and I feel I’m finally on track for the most part in trusting it again. However, when sharing that with new people in my life, I realize I may be making them uncomfortable, though I’m not willing to give up my authenticity either. So, I’m learning how to be more mindful of my experiences. My Blog is helping me, too.

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