Psychic Symbols

psychic symbols

Readers who receive information through visions see many things including symbols which can represent something about clients or the people and spirits associated with them. These symbols can range from animals to foods to insects to flowers, and more.

Symbols are just another way for spirits and guides to pass on information, when words might not say enough. Or when it possesses a specific meaning to a client.

Although these images are usually seen in a quick flash, their meanings are deep and profound. They can represent someone’s personality, physical traits, occupation, hobbies, and even a point in time. These symbols are often accompanied by a sense of what it represents and sometimes readers may be told what it signifies. Readers may receive visions and information so rapidly that they need to take a moment to determine what exactly is the message.

There are instances when readers must figure out if they are simply being shown images that can be accepted at face value; or does it mean something more? Seeing a set of car keys might not mean a client has bought a new car, but instead tell the story of a fender bender when a parent was teaching the client to drive – a specific memory that confirms that a specific spirit is coming through during a reading.

A lot of readers create a journal so they can keep track of symbols and their meanings. After a while, we can keep mental track of these images but whether it’s on paper or in our minds, the journal continues to grow over time.

clairvoyance-psychic-symbols-beeDepending on the reader, the meanings of images varies. One reader may interpret a bee as a reference to a client who is a “busy bee” always working, always on the move. While another reader might feel their vision of a bee tells the story of a time when a client was stung by a bee – which can be significant if the client is allergic to bee stings.

Other examples are airplanes, which to me signifies travel. Planes can also be a reference to someone’s military service or occupation. I’ve seen carrots in a few readings, but each time it meant something different. Once it was simply someone’s favorite vegetable but during another reading it was related to someone having optical issues. I’ve heard that carrots are good for improving sight, so to me carrots can be a sign that someone is experiencing visual problems, but it took a minute or two for me to make the correlation. And during another reading carrots referred to a rabbit, which was a spirit’s nickname.

There are universal symbols like the birthday cake, but usually different psychics have different definitions for images. And it’s ok to use the same symbols as someone else, but there are times when the meanings will not be the same for you as they are for someone else. It’s like trying to Google the meaning of a dream – you’ll find half-a-dozen different definitions and not know which one is right for you. That’s why it’s a good practice for readers to come up with their own meanings for symbols.

The use of symbols in readings is a very useful tool. Sometimes they are shown to me, sometimes I ask for them. Either way, these images help communicate feelings and stories for clients that can be just as or even more expressive than words.

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