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Since I’ve begun my spiritual journey, I have noticed that the majority of people who attend psychic development classes or visit me for psychic readings are women. On average, maybe a 1/5 of a class are men and I’ve done readings for just 5 guys.

On a few occasions, clients (male and female) have said that they expected me to be a woman. I wasn’t offended because I know it’s a common presumption. When most people think of a psychic, they envision a woman gazing into a crystal ball or reading tarot cards – it’s a stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood.

But why is that?

We’ve all heard of the phrase “women’s intuition” which suggests that women are naturally psychically inclined. And there is some truth to it. I think it’s because women are more interested in exploring the paranormal and, honestly, they are better equipped for it. In general, women are willing to share their feelings and thoughts with others while men hide them. Women are more patient and approach issues with a gentler disposition versus men who can be driven and competitive. Women are better listeners while men have a short attention span.

Whenever I watch paranormal television shows, the husband or boyfriend is the last person in the household to recognize a spirit’s presence or someone’s psychic abilities.

It seems as though some men think that if they acknowledge spirits or psychics it somehow makes them less masculine. Maybe they feel that if they can’t protect their loved ones from an aggressive spirit they appear weak. Perhaps a psychic’s ability to receive information about them threatens their sense of security or sanity. Some men consider acknowledgement as a being naïve and gullible. But I can really only speak for one man – myself.

From birth, males are taught to be tough and not express their emotions. They are told not to cry and to “walk off” an injury. Their jobs and hobbies involve physical strength or authority rather than compassion and creativity. Yes, there are some men who are artists or nurses but in general men pursue careers that involve more testosterone and less empathy.

Men are genetically skeptical and cynical due to their natural need to appear strong, intelligent, and capable. One of the longest running jokes is about men being too proud to ask for directions. They either don’t want to look weak or dumb. It’s just a gender trait.

It’s a fact that there are more female psychics and mediums than men. It’s evident when we rattle off the names of renowned psychics. The first famous psychics were women – the Fox sisters in the late 1800s. Edgar Cayce was the first accomplished male psychic in early 20th century. Since then, many people have entered the field but the truth is that most are women.

Why aren’t more men involved in psychic development? They should be. Everyone should be. The more people explore psychic abilities and spirituality the more enlightened they become and society, the world, the universe benefit from it.

But no matter what your sex, you have to be a compassionate person in order to be a good psychic. A psychic needs to have the ability to tap into emotions otherwise they cannot truly feel or convey the messages they receive from spirits as well as comfort clients who might become overwhelmed by their feelings.

This isn’t a battle of the sexes article, rather it merely points out an observation. If anything, I hope it inspires a few guys to begin their spiritual journey leaving behind any preconceptions or fears. I think many people of both sexes do not pursue psychic development for several reasons, but to ignore the possibilities based strictly on the notion that it makes you less of a man is unfortunate.

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