Psychometry: reading energy from objects


People wear their favorite bracelet or watch every day with pride and adoration. Some gaze at mementos or hold them in their hands appreciating the object’s beauty or history. And when the time comes, they pass these pieces down amongst their family, generation to generation.

We can become attached to our possessions in more ways than one.

The energy of the people who once cherished these objects can be left behind with traces of themselves attached to it: memories, emotions. This energy can be sensed by psychics and help them receive information about the person who once owned that object.

Psychometry is the ability to obtain information about a person by touching or concentrating on an object they once possessed. It is also known as psychoscopy. Some psychics and other readers strictly use this method as a way to connect with spirits while others may rely upon it as just another technique.

This type of reading can be very powerful, transmitting emotions and energy more directly to the reader than through a normal session. It all depends on the reader. For me, it’s just another technique but it can be very useful to provide more information in addition to what I have already received through messages from spirit guides or the spirit themselves.

My most significant experience with psychometry occurred when I held my grandfather’s war journal in my hands. This small dirty notebook was kept by my grandfather as he trudged through the battlefields of Italy during World War II. As I read it, I came upon a passage that described his fears as his company crossed an open field into enemy territory. My eyes focused on the phrase “I felt scared when we first started, but I was okay after a hundred yards.” I read that sentence over and over then repeated it out loud as my hands began to tremble and my vision blurred. Suddenly, I saw men sneaking through high weeds, heard rocks crunching under boots, and heavy breathing: I was reliving that moment in my grandfather’s life. Not only was I hearing and seeing things, I could feel his fear. My trembling hands dropped the notebook snapping me back to reality. I stood up quivering then ran outside to the back porch where I cried for ten minutes. This surge of emotion…the dread and uncontrollably sobbing…is what he felt at that moment, but soldiers don’t have time to cry. Eventually, I regained my composure and returned to my room to finish reading the notebook. Years later I self-published a book, My American Odyssey, based on my grandfather’s journal which can be viewed on my Store page.

HauntingI encourage my clients to bring a small possession like a ring or statuette with them to a reading. It can help me establish a stronger connection with a particular spirit. Some readers can also receive information about someone by holding or looking at a photograph of them, but pictures don’t seem to be very useful to me – it must be because there is no real physical connection to them. Yes, people do hold photographs or stare at them, but a necklace worn everyday retains so much more energy than a picture that was admired once in a while.

It’s for these reasons that psychics may feel overwhelmed when they visit a consignment shop or an antique store. Consider that there are hundreds, if not thousands of items energized with the emotions and memories of the people who once prized these possessions.

We save mementos putting them on display in our home like Pop’s war medals to keep his memory alive. Or put on Nana’s butterfly lapel pin as a lucky charm. And sometimes fashion cycles can make Aunt Betty’s plaid coat popular again. It’s a sweet memoriam and we should all practice it whether we are psychic or not. They do notice it and appreciate that we care for these items that are family heirlooms, something they scrimped and saved to buy, or literally fought for.


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