Paranormal Publication Seeks the Truth

There was a time when the paranormal was only seen in the dark and not the spotlight. People whispered about it, instead of talking openly with others.

The media used to only cover ghosts during Halloween and DJs talked about UFOs on late night radio. Even rarer was a publication dedicated to the paranormal.

Times have changed and now Seekers magazine is part of this millennium’s global spiritual awakening. Editor Lori Bogedin and Publisher Lou Jasikoff are working together to produce the magazine to bring the truth about the spiritual world to those who seek it.

“Lori is the talent behind it. I have a knack to talk and to sell it,” Jasikoff said. “We have a fantastic product and it’s been easy to sell.”

The magazine was spawned from the success of Twigs Café Radio, named for the place where it broadcasts: Twigs Café, in the country-metro area of Tunkhannock, PA. (I fondly liken it to the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska, from the 1990’s television show Northern Exposure.)

Radio guests have included astrologist and dream interpreter Melissa Stratton, shaman Mia Luz, and Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas.

“We’ve had some really great guests,” Jasikoff said.

The pages of Seekers share stories about different aspects of the paranormal from hauntings to psychics to Big Foot. Readers will also find articles on holistic, alternative medicines and practices as well as raise questions about topics that intrigue conspiracy theorists.

“Lori and I want to present it in a way that’s not intimidating to readers who are interested in beginning or are advanced in the field,” he said.

Some of the articles are written by Bogedin along with contributors who are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields such as tarot readers and reiki practioners. Some contributors include soul realigner Jamie Hearn, nutritional healer Donna Labar, and psychic medium Jim Byers.

“We’re giving people a voice. There’s a lot of different opinions on different subjects,” Jasikoff added.

When it originated in 2016, the publication was known as TruthSeekers News. But Bogedin and Jasikoff decided to tweak its’ appearance from newsprint paper to glossy pages. And it grew in size too, from 16 pages to 48 and an extra ¼ inch so it’s now measuring 8 X 10.5.

“It just didn’t look the way I wanted it to look,” Bogedin said.

So now the Seeker is sleeker. The magazine’s new look premiered in December 2016 and will continue with Issue 4 due out in June.

This reincarnated paranormal publication has taken on a new life of its own and is being received well by readers and advertisers alike. Seekers is truly authentic with no other magazine in the region that focuses on the paranormal. It can be found in stores through about Pennsylvania and New York with the goal of spreading up and down the East Coast.

“The response has been off the charts,” Jasikoff said describing the enthusiasm of readers, writers, and advertisers. “People are coming to us instead of us knocking on doors.”

“People are already connecting with the magazine…” he said about the magazine’s early success.

Despite the publication’s name change and makeover, Seekers magazine remains true to its original mission which is to enlighten readers and encourage conversations about subjects people once considered taboo.

“We wanted to get something out there that was interesting and uplifting,” Bogedin said, “…seeking spirituality, seeking answers.”

Photo by Brittney Lopes, Wyoming County Examiner


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