Meeting my Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

My last article on spirit guides explained each guide and their purpose, so I wanted to write a followup about my own guides to provide real life examples. It’s important for people who are interested in psychic development to have a bond with their spirit guides because you can’t embark on your spiritual journey alone. You will need to call upon them for guidance and support as well as help communicating with the spirit world.

It was during a psychic development class at Inner Peace that the group facilitator led us in a meditation to meet our Teacher Guide. This session was part of a broader exercise for members to familiarize themselves with all of their Main Guides and Master Guide. Once relaxed and calm, members were told to choose a meeting place so I chose my old college, Bloomsburg University. As I walked through campus, I noticed a young blonde woman who stuck out from the normal university scenery – she was dressed in a long patterned dress with a lace collar and a bonnet. My eyes focused on the woman who was waving her hand, welcoming me so I walked toward her. We were soon face to face looking at each and although no words were spoken I felt like information was being shared.

The facilitator eventually called us back from the meeting to slowly end the meditation. Afterword, she encouraged us to continue meeting with our Teacher Guide throughout the upcoming weeks. So for the next few days I tried to do just that, repeating the same meditation method but had no results. I was getting frustrated and decided to give it one more try before I gave up. My meditation turned into a deep sleep which can occur when you meditate laying down. During this state, I envisioned a beautiful blonde woman shimmering with alternating colors outlining her head and upper torso. She was thin and her hair styled in a bun, but she was not wearing the dress. The name Caroline came to my mind and again I felt a transfer of information occurred like she was introducing herself to me. Her lips did not open nor did her eyelids. The vision began to vanish and I slowly awoke feeling enlightened and invigorated.

This supernatural meeting motivated me to research spirit guides which brought me to the website of the Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary. The Center was offering a workshop on meeting your spirit guides so I immediately reserved a spot for myself. The workshop was taking place near my birthday so I figured it would be a nice gift to myself.

The workshop began with an introduction to spirit guides, their purposes, and an explanation of the exercises that we would do in order to meet them. The facilitator led us in meditation that transported us to a meeting room where we sat and waited. She asked our Joy Guide to step forward and sit across from us. We were told to ask the guide a series of questions so we could learn more about them: their name, age, occupation, home life, and family. The most important questions were why they chose to be our guide and what they planned to teach us.

joy guideMy Joy Guide was a young boy which is common; young spirits usually serve in this role because of their vibrant energy and cheerful outlook on life. Those personality traits are very important when you consider that their purpose is to bring us happiness and show us the way to attain it ourselves. This young boy had brown hair in a bowl cut style and was named Adam. He was 9 years old when he died accidently by spooking a horse that kicked him causing his death. Adam said he chose me for my child-like amusement, curiosity, imagination, and kindness. His is to teach me how to relax, enjoy life, and prepare for fatherhood.

proctector guideThe next meeting was to be with my Protector Guide. Again, we were led into the same meditation then the facilitator asked our Protector Guide to step forward and sit across from us. This guide was a young man named Jeremiah but he also went by the name Jeremy. He was a 23 years old man with a thin build and long blonde hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. He wore a long red coat and his clothes were a bit dirty. Jeremy told me about his family and their rustic cabin where they lived in the countryside. His father was a mason and the children were raised properly with manners and religion. I saw Jeremy marching through a smoky battlefield and heard cannon fire. I saw men in red coats thrusting muskets which were fixed with bayonets. Jeremy died in that battle which seemed to have taken place somewhere in Pennsylvania. Protector Guides are commonly people who have served as soldiers or guardians like police officers. He was a Torry loyal to the British Crown even though he was American born. His father was a Freemason and was upset by the side Jeremy chose to support. Jeremy wanted to be my guide because of my definition of freedom and fervor to protect it. He plans to help me formulate ideas better, defend my rights, and encourage me not to give up when the days are dark.

spirit-guide-guardian-angel-3Although I had already met Caroline my Teacher Guide, I looked forward to the opportunity to learn more about her. In this second meeting, she told me that she was a school teacher who lived in Vermont during the early 1800s and died from tuberculosis. Teacher Guides are commonly people who have taught in some capacity either as a school teacher or person who instructs others. Caroline never married and had no children, but she had very close motherly relationships with her students whom she loved very much. She chose to be my guide to teach me restraint and fortitude and to help me ease my restlessness and eagerness. I have since chosen Caroline to by my communicator guide to help pass messages between me and the spirit world.

doctor guideMy last Main Guide, the Doctor Guide, was Charles a self-made man who emerged from poverty to become a wealthy man. He was an orphan and ward of the state who left the orphanage as a teenager and met a man who mentored him and was a father figure to Charles. He took that experience and education and became a successful businessman. Charles is balding and wears spectacles and a green plaid suit with a time piece chained to his vest. He chose to be my guide because of my adventurousness, sense of pride, work ethic, and concern for social standing. He wants to help me with financial matters because he believes I need more help with wealth than health – to him they are relative.

Master GudieThe Master Guide was the final guide to meet and it was an arduous encounter. My Master Guide identified himself as the Arch Angel Raziel and he appeared to me as a scruffy man with shoulder length brown hair and a beard wearing rough clothing – like a rugged looking Jesus (or like Thoros of Myr from Game of Thrones). He stood still with a straight face which was a bit intimidating. Raziel spoke briefly only to introduce himself and tell me that he was serving as my Master Guide because I needed his direction to become more in tune with my psychic abilities. For the past few months, I had been calling upon him to help me for that very reason while clutching a piece of clear quartz which is an energy crystal associated with him. Although this meeting was a bit strenuous, I was glad to know that Raziel would be assisting me.

For several days after that spirit guide workshop, I experienced an influx of knowledge. It was like now that I was aware of all my guides I was being granted access to information regarding myself and the universe. I wrote feverishly into a notebook outlining the personal phenomenons that I had experienced throughout my life which was validating for me. Now, I was prepared and motivated to explore and undertake my spiritual awakening.

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  1. Thank you for giving such detailed information on your experiences – and the workshop – . It is always interesting to see how others have come to know or been brought into contact with their Spirit Guides. I say a little bit about that on my blog / in my about/being/becoming sections and it is definitely different from yours. I didn’t know that there are people offering these kinds of workshops. I know there are many offering to talk to your guides for you…but I think this is a much better approach to give the individual the tools to learn to get in touch oneself.
    You do a wonderful job describing other tools as well. Thank you – ENJOY THAT

    • Thank you for the compliment and for visiting my site. I am just sharing information that has been shared with me – I hate to use cliches, but I guess I’m “paying it forward”.

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