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Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Some people call them guardian angels, spirit guides, or light-heartedly say that “somebody’s looking out for me.” Each of those terms is true and they are all one in the same. I personally prefer the term spirit guides or simply guides.

Spirit guides do look out for us: our happiness, our safety, our success, and our health. Guides are different from arch angels, but they do work in concert with them since they share a common goal which is our personal growth and enlightenment. We can call upon guides and arch angels at any time for assistance and they immediately come to our aid.

In order for a spirit to serve as a guide they must have experienced at least one human life on Earth. They choose to be your guide before your ascension to Earth and remain with us for our entire lives from conception to death. The appearance of a guide can vary with them dressed in their period clothes or robes – you decide how they look to you. You also choose where guides stand when they visit. The common arrangement from left to right is the Joy Guide, Protector Guide, Teacher Guide, and Doctor Guide. The Master Guide can either stand behind the row of Main Guides or in the middle of them.

Which leads us to the explanation of guides and their purposes:

The Main Guides are the Joy Guide, Protector Guide, Teacher Guide, and Doctor Guide. Each one is responsible for helping us through life with messages that we receive in the form of visions, whispers, epiphanies, sensations, synchronicity, and other similar ways. Each guide concentrates on one aspect of our lives to which they provide assistance so that we can fulfill it. If we are depressed, it is because we are not listening to the supportive uplifting messages from our Joy Guide. If we continue to put ourselves in situations that cause us physical or emotional harm we aren’t listening to our Protector Guide. Sometimes we can’t figure out the solution to a problem until our Teacher Guide sends us an inspirational thought. And when we feeling are sick (and stubborn), it’s our Doctor Guide who prods us to go to a physician.

In order for us to achieve fulfillment we must seek out our guides so that we may work together, otherwise we will not progress. You must desire personal growth and enlightenment or it will never manifest. Meditation is the common method used to meet with guides, visiting them in places where we are comfortable like beside a beautiful flowing brook in the forest or a place that they represent.

Joy Guides are usually younger spirits with child-like amusement and wonder who are responsible for our continued happiness. They teach us ways to keep ourselves happy whether it is through hobbies or motivating us to do random acts of kindness in which we enjoy helping others. Joy Guides bring a smile to our face when we are sad and remind us of the good things in life when we are experiencing personal tragedies. A good place to visit your Joy Guide is at an amusement park or circus which are places generally affiliated with fun and delight.

Protector Guides are usually people who have served in the military or guardian occupations like policeman. They keep us safe from physical harm and emotional turmoil. Protector Guides may send us a message not to cross the street as an unseen car speeds past or give us a bad feeling about someone who may ultimately bring us grief. They can appear to us in uniform, period clothes, or robes – it’s up to you. A good place to visit your Protector Guide is at an Army barracks if they are a soldier or a station if they are a policeman or fireman.

Teacher Guides are usually people who have taught in a former life whether it be in education or in another role like an instructor or trainer. They teach us ways to become stronger and smarter in our vocations as well as serving as a life coach. They not only help us with our academics but also learning a new trade or a hobby. They teach us life lessons as well including learning about the spirit world. Sometimes they lead us towards a situation, person, or place so that we can gain knowledge or forge a friendship that will play an important role to us later in life. A good place to visit your Teacher Guide is at a school, college, or a place where they once taught.

Doctor Guides are usually people who have worked in the medical field or ancient elders like Native American shamans. These guides assist us with making healthy choices and can also protect us from physical harm. It is the Doctor Guide who send us messages about the best ways to care for and treat our bodies. A good place to visit your Doctor Guide is at a hospital, doctor’s office, or their native village.

If you are interest in psychic development, you must choose one of the four Main Guides to serve as the primary communicator to translate and pass messages between the living and spiritual worlds.

The final and most important guide is the Master Guide. This guide supervises the four Main Guides to assure that each aspect of your life is being addressed and fulfilled. Guides seek advice from the Master Guide when they are having difficulty with their responsibilities. Master Guides do not usually become directly involved themselves unless it is imperative. Just like us humans, spirits must learn lessons too. Master Guides have previously served as Main Guides and may also be an arch angel. Although Main Guides are assigned to us for life, Master Guides can change. You can meet this guide wherever you like – a good suggestion is a grand building similar to the Parthenon or any architectural masterpiece.

The above information is a summary about Spirit Guides based on several sources along with my own interpretation. If you seek further information I encourage you to find other resources like books or classes to aid your spiritual development.

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