Bewildered Spirits

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There are tales of lost souls who roam the Earth, listless and unable to continue on their journey into the spirit world. Those spirits linger here because they either can’t or don’t want to leave.

The manner in which someone passes is the main reason most spirits wander the Earth. Suicides, homicides, and accidents can be so violent, sudden, or traumatic that the energy related to the passing and the spirit remain like a watermark or a scene that is replayed throughout eternity. In time, the spirit might learn to transition or they may require the assistance of another spirit; or a human who possess psychic abilities.

But even spirits who enjoyed a happy life or a calm passing can find it difficult to leave behind the people and places they cherish. They want to watch over their loved ones and revisit favorite places so they choose to remain on Earth. Perhaps their passing was so effortless that they did not notice the change – like when someone passes away during their sleep. When they try to interact with humans, they notice that people aren’t responding to their words and actions. This is usually when spirits realize and accept their human death and begin their journey towards the heavens. They may have to take a moment to mourn the end of their physical, Earthly existence but eventually they move on. Once they adjust to the spirit world, they will be reminded that they can return to those people and places at any time in any form they desire.

Then there are those spirits that remain on Earth because they have unfinished business, a final farewell, or seek forgiveness. A spirit may stay until that task is completed and they feel satisfied enough to enter the spirit world. But if they were unable to get some type of closure, they might continue to try; sometimes in vain.

Religious or personal beliefs practiced during a human life may influence a spirit’s decision to stay on Earth. If they believed in the concept of hell, they may fear being sent there or purgatory as some kind of penance for a wrong they committed during life.

The simple fear of the unknown is another reason why spirits might refuse to leave. Not knowing what lies ahead can frighten some spirits so it’s easier for them to stay in a familiar, safe place. This is when an encouraging spirit or psychic may have to intervene in order to guide and reassure an anxious spirit to begin their journey into the heavens.

And then there are spirits who choose to inhabit the Earth for all the wrong reasons.

There are some spirits who may want to seek revenge against a human who harmed them during life. Or a spirit upset over their human death might take their aggression out on the nearest, innocent person. Spirits will terrorize the living through malevolent behavior such as physical attacks or cause mental anguish until they believe that justice has been served.

But the most sinister reason for spirits to linger is so that they can continue the abusive behavior they practiced in life. They receive pleasure and power from terrorizing the spirits of people they once harmed or from innocent humans who now inhabit the place where the abuse originally occurred. In most cases, this aggressive behavior will continue until the spirit is forced to stop then leave. Sometimes, malevolent spirits are too powerful to remove so the torture continues for eons.

Each spirit is different just like every human is different. Some are kind and some are ruthless, while others are just confused. There are more good spirits than bad and most do easily travel to the spirit world in order to continue their journey and contribute to the progression of life throughout the universe. And they do return to Earth to visit their family and friends – loving relationships never end, they just change.

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