Understanding Auras

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The common phrase is “I see your true colors,” which is a reference to someone’s true intentions…their true self.

Auras are someone’s true colors, these shades of energy that surround us tell our story to readers who are able to see them. The hues that hover or float around us reveal our personalities, emotional state, physical health, and much more. Humans are not the only beings that possess auras since animals and plants also have energy that radiates.

An aura reader can see these shades of energy that surround us by entering into a shallow meditative state so that they can focus their psychic vision. Once in this state, a reader can observe the array of colors and discern what may be upsetting a client or reveal information about them. An aura reading is not like fortune telling, but it can allude to information about the near future such as a career or residential move and even pregnancy or the conception of a personal venture.

bostwana energy stoneThe amazing thing about an aura reading is that people can learn something about themselves, confirm feelings they questioned, or begin to resolve a troubling issue. A reader may be able to help someone regain their confidence, strengthen their energy, or find peace. This is also where energy stones and crystals can become an important tool because they could be used to elevate a person’s energy. There are a multitude of stones and crystals that could be very beneficial. For more information about them, read The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Shades of aura colors can change from time to time depending on a person’s energy levels and emotional state. If someone is attempting to better themselves through meditation or positive behavior, the dark shade of an aura color can transform to a lighter hue. And conversely, if a person is making poor lifestyle decisions or upset by a traumatic issue a once bright aura can turn dark or pale. Large auras signify a strong energy related to an aspect of a person while a small aura indicates a struggle or fear within.

But there is no reason to despair because aura colors can be improved by one’s self or with the assistance of a reader or healer. There are several ways for someone to improve the shades of their auras in order to achieve happiness and balance. The first and most significant method is meditation. You can learn more about basic meditation from my blog on Meditation for Beginners. Exercise and a nutritious diet is another way to raise energy levels because certain foods and beverages contain unhealthy ingredients that adversely affect the body and mind. The assistance of an aura reader or an energy healer such as a certified Reiki therapist may also be effective. Speaking with a supportive friend or family member may provide the necessary, trusted guidance and advice to resolve a personal problem as well. But if you feel that you require more intense emotional therapy, please consult a professional therapist or a psychologist.

Below is a list of aura colors and their meanings:

Red – anger, anxiety, obsession, financial worries.
Pink – joy, love, compassion, clairaudience.
Magenta – passion, high sexual energy.
Orange – moving; residential or career.
Yellow – (Light) psychic or spiritual awakening, optimism, hope (Bright) struggling with power or control.
Gold – Spiritual energy, inspired person.
Green – (Emerald) healing power, (Forest) jealousy, resentment, insecurity (Pale) deception.
Blue – (Light) expressive, truthful, communicator, (Turquoise) a healer or teacher (Royal) clairvoyant, spiritual nature.
Purple – (Dark) an arch angel is nearby (Violet) clairaudience (Bright) claircognizance.
Rainbow – someone who is a Reiki healer or energy healer.
White – pure, truth.
Silver – pregnancy or recent birth as well as conception of a business or other venture.
Black – unforgiving.

Doreen Virtue


The above aura color list was adapted from Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. If you would like more information about auras and chakras, please refer to this book.


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  1. I didn’t know that shad or auras could change depending on your energy levels. I have been wanting to learn more about myself this year. I’ll have to visit a professional to look at my aura because I still don’t know what color I am.

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