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psychic in bloomsburg danvilleIt has taken many years for me to reach this point in my life – accepting and developing my psychic abilities. Many times I denied or disregarded the dreams, visions, and messages that came to me by simply calling them coincidence or weird. But when I looked back over the years and recalled each instance I have experienced it was easier for me to accept that I do in fact have the capability of communicating with spirits. (Read my
Psychic Blog for specific psychic experiences which profoundly affected my life.)

When I finally came to this conclusion, I asked myself “Well, now what?” Searching the internet became a useful tool, but I am someone who needs personal guidance and support. I was able to find psychic development classes, resources, and encouragement through Inner Peace Health Healing & Wellness Associates. Soon, I began to attend workshops and classes at the Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary and the Journey Within. I later attained the Reiki II Certification through the Life Holistic Center. In 2018, I became a Certified Past Life Regressionist receiving certification from Peter Woodbury, renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist from the Edgar Cayce Center, A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment). As I continue on my spiritual journey, it’s important for me to continue to grow intellectually and psychically so I attend workshops and classes as much as my schedule allows.

But I am not any more special than anyone else…we all possess the ability to receive mental, visual, and audio messages from spirits – the only difference is the level of clarity and ease. It is not a gift that someone gives to us nor is it a talent that only a few possess. But it is something one must exercise and study in order for it to become stronger.

My spiritual journey, as well as your own, will last a lifetime. There is much to learn and experience, but we would be selling ourselves short if we did not explore the possibilities.

I invite you to browse¬†psychicmediuminpa.com to learn more about psychics, the spiritual world, and the paranormal. If you have any questions please contact me or if you’d like to Schedule a psychic reading.

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psychic-medium-pennsylvania-jim-byersJim Byers has lived and worked throughout the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania during his life – 40 years. Byers earned a Bachelor Degree in Communications from Bloomsburg University and an Associate Degree in Social Science from LCCC. His professional career includes time spent as a newspaper reporter and a graphic artist as well as public relations.

He has been featured on Beyond Reality Radio, Twigs Cafe radio, and Seekers magazine. His book, My American Odyssey, has been featured WNEP 16, the Citizens Voice, and the Independent Regional Gazette. He has also called into Coast to Coast with George Noory on WILK FM radio.

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