Psychic Readings

psychic reading in HazletonConnecting people to the spirit world…

psychic Bloomsburg People long for the comfort and love that they received from family and friends who have now passed into the spirit world. They want to hear messages and be assured that their loved one is doing well and visits them. The truth is that our loved ones and cherished friends are always with us sending us messages through synchronicity, dreams, and our senses like smelling pop pop’s cigar or feeling mom’s presence.

My goal is to provide evidential readings wherein I receive meaningful information and messages through visions, sounds, sensations, and psychometry (reading objects). I want to provide clients with the closure, happiness, and enlightenment that they seek.

Before each psychic reading, I spend an hour or more meditating to reach a relaxed state, ground myself then open my chakras to raise my energy level. Afterward, I call upon my spirit guides to share information or connect me to spirits related to my next client – whether I know their name or not. The messages I receive in my preliminary meditation can provide enough information to last an entire reading or at least give me a good starting point.

If time allows, I also ask question of the spirits – not clients – in order to receive more information such as names, relevant numbers, familiar places, a cause of passing, or a personal message.

energy stoneClients are welcome to ask questions and I encourage them to bring along a small object such as a watch, jewelry, or something sentimental that a loved one once possessed. Unfortunately, I do not have as much luck with photographs.

I do not read tarot cards or palms, or do fortune telling – I leave that to the readers on the Jersey boardwalks. I also do not search for people on Google or Facebook: my goal is to provide clients with information that cannot be found on the internet.

The cost for a Psychic Reading is $40 for a half-hour session and $60 for an hour. If you are interested in arranging a reading, go to the Schedule page of this website. Don’t live near the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area or not a Pennsylvania resident? Get an Email Psychic Reading for $75.

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