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Thank you for the (email) reading.  I am sure it is not easy to do a reading without having the person in front of you. A lot of it made sense and I would say very accurate. There was especially one point that was surprising that you would pick up on. Have a good day and for sure if I am up there I will schedule to see you in person” ~ Sandi, from Virginia

I just wanted to thank you for all of the messages and insight that you provided. Though I did not give immediate feedback, since it took me some time to piece it all together, your information was completely dead on. My father was indeed a fantastic man and all of the people and “visions” that you mentioned were completely relevant; so to the point where I was completely floored…I just want to thank you for an amazing experience.” ~ Jody

"I highly recommend Jim! My mom & I went for readings, when we met with him we had an odd connection to my hometown & the street I grew up on. Jim knew details about my childhood that are not known. He connected me with my father who recently passed and provided me with the feeling that I know he is ok. Jim is an authentic real-deal! If you are skeptic, give him a shot, you will be amazed at the detail and insight he provides. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Jim!" ~ Katie

"Thank you again. It’s nice to have a reading from someone who is getting the messages from source and not fishing for the answers." ~ Pam

"Hey Jim, I came and saw you on my birthday...and dude like I appreciate you so much! The basis of what you told me was to just trust my intuition and that I should start honing my own abilities and since that moment man my life has been changing. I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you thank you brother." ~ Marcus

"I met Jim at a Halloween party and he brought me to tears for days after. He helped me with something I have been struggling with for years without knowing it. so accurate and things he no way could have ever known. I highly recommend him." ~ Barb

"I had a reading done and everything he said was correct and happened. I would highly recommend Jim. And will be going back." ~ Marissa

"😮 Wow he was right on target and I was left breathless with the things he knew before I even said anything." ~ Gwendolyn


"Wonderful experience, he's a great guy. He said a lot I feel no one wouldn't know unless told . I will definitely be returning." ~ Donna

"You were extremely accurate in your predictions. Most have already come true." ~ Aryana

"Thank you for my readings, I greatly value your insight.  The readings you gave me and my sister last year were extremely accurate and detailed, about many different people in our lives.  You even passed on a hello from my husband’s grandmother who passed…in her native Nigerian language lol.  That was amazing." ~ Brenda

"The validation you have given me is truly remarkable. Your gift and abilities are such a blessing!! Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to meeting with you again." ~ Katie

“I had a reading done by you recently in Ringtown and just wanted to thank you again, you were so accurate!” Tracy

"Jimmy is awesome!! I had a reading twice now and both extremely accurate!! I absolutely love his energy. He said my moms name as well as my brothers name. Lots of accurate messages he gave me. He is a truly gifted man and a true inspiration. I highly recommend him." ~ Debbie

"Thank you so much, you did an awesome job!" ~ Kimberlyn

"Very detailed and spot on reading!" ~ Tracey

"I gave this reading to my daughter as a gift and she was impressed so 5 stars ! I'm next !" ~ Judy

"He was right on about everything. I didn't tell him anything about me before or during the reading. And he is a very nice guy." ~ Destiny

"Update on the reiki: my confidence level is up. I'm doing so much better at work and making people smile! You're the best!!!" ~ Kristen

"I'm a Beyond Reality Radio guest alumni and I wanted to reach out after I heard you on (the show). I just wanted to say, out of all the mediums they have had on there, you exactly related so much the same way I do to people I know...almost verbatim...it did my heart good to hear someone else explain things the way I do to the people I help (ESPECIALLY the not telling the future because of people's free will ). It really sounds like we experience things the same way, and I never say that about anyone. It was a great show!" ~ Shannon

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing email reading with so many validations. It brought me to tears and gives me a lot of hope. Thanks for your work! All the best..." ~ Andrea, from Kansas

"I had my first reading from Jim at a holistic show in Quakertown, and was very impressed. Jim felt compassionate, connected and overall had great energy. He gave a lot of helpful insights into a specific situation of mine. I would certainly recommend him, and would go to him again. :)" ~ Carla

"Thank you for a wonderful session. I will start working on all of the advice. You are very gifted. Thanks for the sodalite too. It has a lot of energy.  Namaste." ~  Luanne

"I wanted to take the time out of my day to tell you what a great job you have done on your website. Your business gives me the sense that it is very authentic. I like how it is very informative. You seem very genuine and it is obvious you have put a lot of effort into your work. I will be scheduling an appointment soon. I felt like I needed to share my appreciation of your efforts put into your site and work in general. Have a great day." ~ Laura

"Amazed. Gave me information only I knew about myself. Very helpful. I am definitely going back." ~ Stephanie

"It was awesome. He was spot on with a LOT. I felt so good leaving the reading, feeling assured that I'm being watched over and also had a very important issue brought up that I was hoping for. Jim let me bring a few small objects with me for someone who I specifically wanted to connect with, and he was spot on. Half of what he was right about were things he had written out before I had even arrived...mind blown. This was such an awesome experience! Thanks Jim!" ~ Shylah

“This was just incredible! It was the picture that you drew that brought it forth!  The person who came was my grandmother who died before I was born. It is my mother's mother! The best validation like I said was the picture you drew when I showed it to my mother, she said it looked like her mom! Thank you Jim! This really means a lot to me!” ~ Phyllis  

"Awesome reading...gave me goosebumps with some of the memories and comments we were connected with." ~ Lauren

"He is awesome and accurate! Can't wait to go back to him." ~ Charlene

"Thank you for the peace that you gave me and I also want you to know that you are truly gifted." ~ Danielle

"I have had readings in New Orleans, the Poconos,  and not one person reads like you." ~ Alice

"You were able to give me answers I had been searching for which have given me great comfort." ~ Mary

"It is quite amazing and wonderful the psychic skills you have and how helpful they can be..." ~ Rena

“Thank you…a lot of the stuff was spot on.” ~ Lizz 

"It was very nice meeting you and thank you for the memorable reading." ~ Susan

"You're a true angel in my eyes." ~ Rebecca

"Thank you for that contact... You are very gifted." ~ Chris

"I found the meeting quite interesting and enlightening..." ~ Jay


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  1. Jim was absolutely fantastic. He knew things nobody could possibly know. I didn’t really believe in this before I went to see him but after getting readings twice in a week I now truly believe he really can get information from spirits. He is really skilled at what he does. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer of his. Seriously it’s something everyone should do to get in contact with lost loved ones. This was truly one of the best things I have done in my life. Thank you so much Jim you really are absolutely fantastic.

  2. The validation you have given me is truly remarkable. Your gift and abilities are such a blessing!! Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to meeting with you again.

  3. Are you in the Wilkes-Barre area of PA? Are you affiliated with a Spiritualist Church? IS there a Spiritualist church in this area, whether nationally affiliated or not, please? What are the hours and location? Thank you for a reply.

    • I am in the W-B area of PA. I am not affiliated with a spiritualist church, but have attended one in NJ. If you are looking for guidance for spiritual development I can provide it or help you find it. You can contact me directly by emailing me – go to my Contact page to do so.

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