psychic in allentown

"I had a reading done and everything he said was correct and happened. I would highly recommend Jim. And will be going back." ~ Marissa

"😮 Wow he was right on target and I was left breathless with the things he knew before I even said anything." ~ Gwendolyn


"Wonderful experience, he's a great guy. He said a lot I feel no one wouldn't know unless told . I will definitely be returning." ~ Donna

"You were extremely accurate in your predictions. Most have already come true." ~ Aryana

"Thank you for my readings, I greatly value your insight.  The readings you gave me and my sister last year were extremely accurate and detailed, about many different people in our lives.  You even passed on a hello from my husband’s grandmother who passed…in her native Nigerian language lol.  That was amazing." ~ Brenda

"The validation you have given me is truly remarkable. Your gift and abilities are such a blessing!! Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to meeting with you again." ~ Katie

“I had a reading done by you recently in Ringtown and just wanted to thank you again, you were so accurate!” Tracy

"Jimmy is awesome!! I had a reading twice now and both extremely accurate!! I absolutely love his energy. He said my moms name as well as my brothers name. Lots of accurate messages he gave me. He is a truly gifted man and a true inspiration. I highly recommend him." ~ Debbie

"Thank you so much, you did an awesome job!" ~ Kimberlyn

"Very detailed and spot on reading!" ~ Tracey

"I gave this reading to my daughter as a gift and she was impressed so 5 stars ! I'm next !" ~ Judy

"He was right on about everything. I didn't tell him anything about me before or during the reading. And he is a very nice guy." ~ Destiny

"Update on the reiki: my confidence level is up. I'm doing so much better at work and making people smile! You're the best!!!" ~ Kristen

"I'm a Beyond Reality Radio guest alumni and I wanted to reach out after I heard you on (the show). I just wanted to say, out of all the mediums they have had on there, you exactly related so much the same way I do to people I know...almost verbatim...it did my heart good to hear someone else explain things the way I do to the people I help (ESPECIALLY the not telling the future because of people's free will ). It really sounds like we experience things the same way, and I never say that about anyone. It was a great show!" ~ Shannon

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing email reading with so many validations. It brought me to tears and gives me a lot of hope. Thanks for your work! All the best..." ~ Andrea, from Kansas

"I had my first reading from Jim at a holistic show in Quakertown, and was very impressed. Jim felt compassionate, connected and overall had great energy. He gave a lot of helpful insights into a specific situation of mine. I would certainly recommend him, and would go to him again. :)" ~ Carla

"Thank you for a wonderful session. I will start working on all of the advice. You are very gifted. Thanks for the sodalite too. It has a lot of energy.  Namaste." ~  Luanne

"I wanted to take the time out of my day to tell you what a great job you have done on your website. Your business gives me the sense that it is very authentic. I like how it is very informative. You seem very genuine and it is obvious you have put a lot of effort into your work. I will be scheduling an appointment soon. I felt like I needed to share my appreciation of your efforts put into your site and work in general. Have a great day." ~ Laura

"Amazed. Gave me information only I knew about myself. Very helpful. I am definitely going back." ~ Stephanie

"It was awesome. He was spot on with a LOT. I felt so good leaving the reading, feeling assured that I'm being watched over and also had a very important issue brought up that I was hoping for. Jim let me bring a few small objects with me for someone who I specifically wanted to connect with, and he was spot on. Half of what he was right about were things he had written out before I had even arrived...mind blown. This was such an awesome experience! Thanks Jim!" ~ Shylah

“This was just incredible! It was the picture that you drew that brought it forth!  The person who came was my grandmother who died before I was born. It is my mother's mother! The best validation like I said was the picture you drew when I showed it to my mother, she said it looked like her mom! Thank you Jim! This really means a lot to me!” ~ Phyllis  

"Awesome reading...gave me goosebumps with some of the memories and comments we were connected with." ~ Lauren

"He is awesome and accurate! Can't wait to go back to him." ~ Charlene

"Thank you for the peace that you gave me and I also want you to know that you are truly gifted." ~ Danielle

"I have had readings in New Orleans, the Poconos,  and not one person reads like you." ~ Alice

"You were able to give me answers I had been searching for which have given me great comfort." ~ Mary

"It is quite amazing and wonderful the psychic skills you have and how helpful they can be..." ~ Rena

“Thank you…a lot of the stuff was spot on.” ~ Lizz 

"It was very nice meeting you and thank you for the memorable reading." ~ Susan

"You're a true angel in my eyes." ~ Rebecca

"Thank you for that contact... You are very gifted." ~ Chris

"I found the meeting quite interesting and enlightening..." ~ Jay


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  1. The validation you have given me is truly remarkable. Your gift and abilities are such a blessing!! Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to meeting with you again.

  2. Are you in the Wilkes-Barre area of PA? Are you affiliated with a Spiritualist Church? IS there a Spiritualist church in this area, whether nationally affiliated or not, please? What are the hours and location? Thank you for a reply.

    • I am in the W-B area of PA. I am not affiliated with a spiritualist church, but have attended one in NJ. If you are looking for guidance for spiritual development I can provide it or help you find it. You can contact me directly by emailing me – go to my Contact page to do so.

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