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This selection of energy stones focuses on bringing peace and calm, renewal and revitalization. Hemetite balances emotions while Red Jasper grounds and centers us. Jade soothes us with positive energy. Dalmatian Jasper removes negativity in all forms. Snowflake Obsidian purifies and helps us find balance and center ourselves. Burning Palo Santo spreads a soft, scented mist of cleansing smoke. This collection comes with 5 tumbled stones (average 9 grams each), a palo santo stick (average 2 inches), all placed in a 3×4 black velvet bag with a stone guide. Shipping included, ships within the U.S.A. only. Click the photo for a closer look.

These energy stones are a special collection for your life & spiritual journey. Each stone is cleansed and charged with positive energy by Jim Byers, who is a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

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