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We encounter negative energy every day: so we have to keep our chakras clean and vivid.

Burning Palo Santo spreads a soft, scented mist of cleansing smoke. Learn more about these stones by reading the Crystals & Stones Guide that’s included.

Reiki is personalized for you when you enter your name or the name of the person receiving this as a gift. Each stone is cleansed and charged with positive energy by Jim Byers, who attained Reiki Certification in the Usui System of Natural Healing through the Life Holistic Center. 

This collection comes with 5 tumbled stones (average 10 grams each), a palo santo stick (average 2 inches), all placed in a 3×4 velvet bag (blue, black, green or purple) with a Stone Guide. FREE shipping, ships within the U.S.A. only.

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