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We encounter negative energy every day: so we have to keep our chakras clean and vivid. Red Jasper grounds us while Hemetite balances us. Citrine empowers us. Rose Quartz clears our heart of negative emotions. Blue Lace Agate strengthens communication. Clear Quartz opens the Third Eye. Amethyst develops psychic abilities. Blue Kyanite cleanses chakras. Burning Palo Santo spreads a soft, scented mist of cleansing smoke. This collection comes with 8 stones (ave. 10 grams each), a palo santo stick (ave. 2 inches), all placed in a 3×4 black velvet bag with a stone guide. FREE Shipping, ships within the U.S.A. only.

These energy stones are a special collection for your life & spiritual journey. Each stone is cleansed and charged with positive energy by Jim Byers, who is a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

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