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Published posthumously, the idea to produce this book was conceived after Jim Byers experienced retrocognition – a vision from the life of his grandfather who had died 40 years earlier. Little did Jim know that this was actually his first psychometry reading. Learn more about this experience on the Psychic Blog.

My American Odyssey is a compelling story derived from a war journal kept by Donald Byers during his service with the United States’ 5th Army in World War II. He documents his light-hearted induction into the Army, the rigors of basic training, and his stark introduction to the reality of war in Italy. As the war progresses, his outlook on the mission and life begin to change as he endures grim scenes and living conditions that no one should ever experience.

Edited by his grandson, James Byers, the book includes maps and photos as well as letters from home and sent home as the war dragged on. The latter part of the book outlines Donald’s readjustment to civilian life and how he tried to make the promises he pledged to himself while in Italy come true when he returned home.

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My American Odyssey – $12.50 USD
Written by Donald Byers, edited by James Byers
Byers Publishing, 2017.
Paperback, 128 pages, 5.5 x 8.5


My American Odyssey – $8.00 USD




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