reiki healingGet balanced, grounded, and positive!

We encounter negative energy daily and after time we may get weighed down by it. The drama of everyday life and the emotions we carry from past relationships or traumatic experiences may prevent us from achieving enlightenment and happiness. A Reiki-Chakra Cleansing may help us regain calm, clarity, and empower us as we travel along life’s path.

There are 7 main chakras and each is linked to an aspect of our lives: family and home life, physical and emotional health, courage, love, communication, and spirituality. When chakras become unbalanced or discolored by negative energy we may feel depressed, angry, or unsure.

A Cleansing mixes meditation with reiki and crystals and stones to calm the mind, clear negative energy, and balance chakras. A session begins with a guided meditation to relax clients then an energy stone is placed directly over each chakra or in a hand. The use of reiki with stones removes negative energy from chakras and replenishes it with positive. The meanings of chakras and stones are explained to clients as each one is cleansed. There is no physical contact since this form of reiki does not focus on healing the body – only healing spirituality and energy. 

If you believe a Reiki-Chakra Cleansing may help you achieve serenity and enlightenment, Schedule an appointment. A Cleansing lasts about an hour and costs $60.

Jim Byers has attained Reiki Certification in the Usui System of Natural Healing through the Life Holistic Center.