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We all have psychic abilities, but not all of us know how to explore and strengthen them. If you are interested in developing your abilities to connect with the spirit world, Schedule a Psychic Consultation. Sessions can be done in-person, over the telephone, or using Skype.

It’s better for Psychic Consultations to be done in person, but if you are unable to meet we can always speak over the phone or online through Skype. And if you live outside of northeastern Pennsylvania a session over the phone or online is probably your best option.

It can be difficult to find someone you are comfortable with sharing your experiences. And in the beginning, you do need to develop at your own pace. A Psychic Consultation provides you with enough time, attention, and space to help you develop not only your abilities, but confidence as well. It’s a personal psychic class.

There are classes and workshops you can attend, but joining a group may seem intimidating – not only are you a beginner, you are surrounded by unfamiliar people. It’s almost like being the new kid at school. Although groups are always open minded and welcoming, a new member may be nervous about sharing their experiences. It may be the first time they are revealing their abilities to others.

You can find helpful books and websites to learn about spiritual development, but nothing is more beneficial than meeting with people who can provide advice and encouragement to you.

If you believe a Psychic Consultation would help you strengthen your psychic abilities, schedule an appointment by visiting the Schedule page. A Psychic Consultation lasts about an hour and costs $55.00.

If you’d like to request an Psychic Consultation, please select it from the menu below.

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